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We are a Construction Company that also provides professionals of every trade to perform handyman work as a Handyman Company.

Our servicing areas are Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and many other adjacent cities and we do what we know best for an hourly rate as a Handyman Company.

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Handyman Company

The most common construction trades are considered “Handyman rates” and will be charged as such.

We have professionals of every construction trade to assist you in the completion of any remodel, repair, addition, installation, and maintenance projects, that is one of the reasons why we charge a fair hourly rate, under-market, for services performed by highly skilled professionals. Our craftsmen will perform an amazing job; therefore, you will be 100% satisfied with a fair price.


Before you hire any handyman company you should ask: “Can a handyman do the work I need done?”

We are open during Monday through Friday - 08:30AM / 05:00 PM

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Commercial Services

You are the responsible for a company and have things that your employees cannot handle? We serve the best of the best in Los Angeles as a Handyman Company


Residential Services

Anything and everything related to building and construction can be handled by the Ultimate Handyman around here in LA. Just give us a call.



From simple building and safety all the way to multi-agency inspections. The ultimate Handyman will handle all steps of inspections and compliance.


All Trades in one Company

When we say all trades, we mean all trades. When the need is for a multi-trade effort, we have all the connections and group dynamics to provide such services even as a Handyman Company.


There is a company claiming to be The Ultimate Handyman and performing work under our name. We are taking legal action on this matter. 

For now please make sure you check the credentials of who you hire.

Handyman Company -Why you are Choosing Us:

As opposed to the general practices in this business, we do not look at your house in order to decide how much we will charge for small work. 

Our rates are always the same for smaller jobs no matter how wonderful your castle looks! Probably that is why we serve so many movie stars and high-end homes. 

Click here before hiring anyone and ask some really important questions:

Local Business

The company was conceived here and this is our neck of the woods. We are proud of doing business in LA county.

Flexible Schedule

We can start work today and finish it when we promise, to respect your time and personal schedule.

Workmanship Experts

We have professionals of every construction trade to assist you in the completion of any construction, repair, remodel, additions, installations, and maintenance projects.

Fair Rates

Our Time and Materials system gives you control throughout the job.
We will work only on what you need, for the time that you want.

Quality Professionals

All our professionals are trained and have all qualifications needed for each specialty.


We are Bonded - Licensed and Insured. Your home and your project will be protected all the time. Most importantly, we carry workers compensation insurance.

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Handyman Company - Letter from the owner

From a Handyman company to a different business model

On everything we do, we try our best to be the best.  To achieve that, we pour 100% of our effort to deliver excellence.

Granted that there are things which only practicing makes perfect, we keep practicing perfection. It’s a high call, but we shoot high.  For this reason, we never stop practicing pleasing our clients with the best construction, maintenance and home improvement can provide. 

From building entire dwellings to basic maintenance, the fact is that we already have helped thousands of Los Angeles residents since 1996.  

Now let me tell you the reason for this letter:


The new normal spreads fast, we adapt - The Ultimate handyman Style

In 2020 something drastic happened, which was the Covid 19 pandemic.  At that time all health and government officials mandated shutting down non-essential business, to prevent the spread of the disease.  

Also the media repeated the dangers of interaction with other people, which caused many of our clients to become weary of having workers come into their residences. 

Overnight, 80% of our regular business, and the restaurants, gyms, shopping malls, for which we worked under maintenance contracts, did not renew our maintenance agreements. 

That is when we decided to help people handle their own construction and maintenance. For example, we revamped our website, created a YouTube channel and social media accounts, to explain and incentivize the DIYer to go ahead and get their projects done. 

Slowly we are adding pages in this website, one for every field, installations and repairs. Equally, we are slowly opening comments of some pages to understand your needs, and to hear your feedback.

Also, to help pay the bills, we started placing some ads in our pages. Hopefully its not too obtrusive and you will like the new look, use the website and ask for more.  

We value your time and want to be helpful. We are practicing to do a good job here. Let us know how we can help you further.

Thank you for using this website. 


R. Monteiro – CEO

The Ultimate Handyman is a subsidiary of The Ultimate Pro Inc. that provides construction services throughout Los Angeles.