Can a Handyman do This?

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what can a handyman do in california?

Not sure if your handyman can handle the work?

Yeah, just about anyone can do handyman-type work. Duh! But can a handyman do this? The question is, what kinds and types of work should a handyman be doing?

To start, you should never consider a handyman to be working on anything that is related to any professional construction trades, unless it is a really small work or he/she possesses a contractor’s license that covers that field.

Additionally, some work may put your residence in risk of fire, like electrical work. 

On a more technical area, structural work that a handyman builds, may even bring to your home the risk of structural collapse. This is a serious matter!

But how do you know if the handyman that you have is capable of handling the work that you need done?

What can a handyman do in Los Angeles?

Your Handyman may be a good talker!

Some people have the gift of talking and can convince anyone to give them any work, especially if they give you a very attractive price!

Let’s agree that you are not ANYONE! 

You are here researching to find answers. You are better than that. Good for you, keep listening:

A good way to find out if he/she is able to handle the work that you need done, is asking the following questions:

  1. Do you have a contractor’s license that allows you to do this kind of work?
  2. If this work doesn’t get completed to my satisfaction, do you have a bond that covers for it under your contractor’s license?
  3. How did you learn your trade? (this one is tricky – but people that have diplomas tend to commit less mistakes than those who learned on the field)

By now, you will have a good grip of the situation and your two choices are clear: Running or Hiring. 

BUT WAIT! Don’t hire anyone yet!

What can a handyman do legally?

Should you be hiring a handyman
just because you were convinced with answers?

Most likely being convinced by answers is also a dangerous move. All the answers for those questions above can be checked:

As a matter of fact, every state in the United States of America has a government agency that deals with contractors licenses. Usually is called: Contractor State Licensing Board. 

In addition, these boards usually have a website that they display their members’ capabilities, trades allowed under their licenses, bonds, workers compensation information, licensing restrictions, judgements against them, among many other resources that will help you find out if the answers that you got are true. It varies wildly by state.

The only thing that you may not be able to check is if they learned by experience. 

To know if this is the case, you need to contact prior bosses or get references from similar jobs that they have done. 

Don’t be ashamed to call and have a conversation with his/hers prior clients. You may learn a lot about their character and capabilities. and most importantly, if they are a good fit for you.

what can a handyman do without a license

We can Help you with Handyman work
because we hire professionals of each trade!

The bare truth is, that being handyman work or not, you just want the work done right and for a fair price! 

If you don’t want to have a headache, just give us a call, we have been helpful so far, and we will be helpful throughout. 

Moreover, we have done all the thinking ahead and have selected the right people for the right jobs. 

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To close this conversation, we are in this business to help you, so even if you don’t go with us, I am sure that you got enough out of this article to be able to handle hiring the right person for your job.

Have a blast on your home improvement endeavors. 


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