Concrete & Stone acid wash

Do you have stains on concrete and stone and you need some acid wash?

Concrete And Stone Acid Wash

Sometimes all your stained, discolored concrete or stone floor needs is a good acid wash. We can use muriatic acid trying to remove set-in stains and even rust. I say trying because it doesn’t remove it all.

Keep in mind that an acid strong enough to etch a concrete surface can cause severe injury when used improperly: This is a nasty, sloppy, and potentially dangerous job that may hurt you if you try to do it yourself.

We do not recommend using muriatic acid indoors except under extreme circumstances and, hopefully, by our experienced professionals who know how to deal with the dangerous fumes and confine all acid to flooring. 

Most importantly, we do not recommend layman use of muratic acid on your pegged high-waisted jeans, either.

We can acid wash or pressure wash concrete surfaces to get rid of oil stains or rust.

Not all stains are made equally, and they are not removed as easily as well. Moreover all attempts to remove a stain, sometimes result in even worse outcomes. But we can tell you that stains are not good and they are better off off of your office… Did you see what I did there?

Oil stains are harder to remove from concrete but stains like rust and hard water are easier. 

Give us a call and schedule a job assessment or call the office and send us some pictures, we can tell you how much we may be charging for the work, but we cannot promise 100% of any attempt to remove the stain… 

The price is the same weather the stain vanished or never even changed shade… 

Not all in life is guaranteed, what we can guarantee is that we will try, and no matter what the results are, the bill will be the same.

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