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We partner with management companies, apartments and HOAs to address maintenance matters of safety and liability when construction is needed inside their property. These are links with specialized services. Bookmark this page to get back here when you need us.

Links Maintenance for Apartments and HOAs:

Apartments and HOAs have specific maintenance needs:

We handled the headaches:

 The Ultimate Handyman crew it’s prepared to take the blunt of the complaints in the apartments and HOAs.

Knowing that this is unavoidable, and we developed a system; therefore, we do not send people to complain to the management, neither to the board members, we talk to everyone involved.

We handle it all, and when their demands are impossible to comply, we just blame ourselves, so you don’t get blamed.

Your company reputation is more important than ours:

Reputation of apartment and HOAs:

Because of this technique, sometimes we get bad reviews and we don’t mind it as long as your company doesn’t get a bad rep! 

That is the kind of partnership that any management company or HOA need to maintain their reputation and get the important work handled. Everyone wins.

Construction and Maintenance:

First of all, we are a Construction Company that also provides Handyman services in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many other adjacent cities.

We want to be close to our storage for the reason that, sometimes, we need some equipment last minute, and we will have it if the need comes up, certainly making the job go faster.

We have professionals of every construction trade to assist you in the completion of any construction, repair, remodel, additions, installations, and maintenance projects; therefore, we keep all that equipment ready to our crew when a bigger job requires it, as a result our craftsmen will use their abilities along with the proper equipment to perform an amazing job so you will be 100% satisfied.

To succeed as Apartments and HOAs maintenance business:

When it comes to Maintenance we know the formula for success.

Most noteworthy is that our company’s  main goal is to provide quality services at fair prices, that way you will be thinking of us EVERY TIME you need these services.

We will get better at it on every job, as we learn your needs and learn to fulfill them as a partner – Because we want to be your partner in success.

Call us right now!

When information is all that matter to save money:

Assessment reports for standardized bidding processes:

Apartments and HOAs need maintenance and construction on a regular basis.

Bidding and acquiring pricing for repairs and maintenance can be frustrating. Furthermore everyone ends up just resorting to the less painful bid, or less costly even if the solution its not clear… Which usually ends up turning into a bigger problem.

The Ultimate Handyman helps apartments and HOAs, property Managers and board members by providing extensive proposal guidelines, itemized written job description, including materials and labor,  so the association or management company can get standardized prices from other contractors as well, apples to apples for the construction and maintenance projects.  Call and ask for an assessment report and quote. You will be glad you did, and it will cost less than what you think, usually less than $200

Apartments and HOAs need a maintenance partner:

We are here to help professionals like you:

Certainly we are doing something right, specially because The Ultimate Handyman has been in Los Angeles since 1996 and has provided the very best in high-end construction and maintenance services to area residents and major companies alike that keep coming back.

So take advantage of our valuable expertise and fair market prices, and call us today.

Impossible task in maintenance for Apartments and HOAs

praise is unheard of... so we take the heat off of you.

How we handle our business:

Our passion and dedication show through in our work, whether you need minor plumbing work or want to add a whole new home addition we will keep your needs, budget and goals in mind.

Whatever the nature of your home or commercial maintenance project, no job is too big or too small for the Ultimate Handyman. We work hard to cultivate a reputation of integrity, respect and honesty among all of our clients, and there’s no better reward than repeat business and positive word of mouth, that is why we expect to be praised in the end.

But unfortunately we know that most tenants are not happy, they project that anger in anyone that has better than they do, so the landlord is an easy target.  The way that we handle our business is to divert any anger from you and we take responsibility for items that just don’t make sense doing. 

For example, if your tenant demands an item to be replaced for an high-end, expensive item instead of the reasonably priced one, we write a recommendation of the run-of-the-mill and install that one instead, if the tenant says anything, you just send in our report to them… its not your fault, you are just following the advice of professionals.

We are here for you:

How you can find us by phone or in person:

So if you’re ready to experience outstanding work, from an outstanding contractor, call us to schedule maintenance or a free verbal estimate because we are the solution for all your maintenance and construction needs.

The Ultimate Handyman is located in Los Angeles, CA and we collaborate with bigger maintenance and construction companies all over the United States to complete their projects here in Los Angeles.  Because we believe that collaborating is the best way to make a better future for all of us.


We’re standing by to supply all of your construction and maintenance needs.

We guarantee quality service because this is what we love to do. We’re available anytime during business hours for all your maintenance needs, so don’t delay. Call us right now.

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If you either needed information or knowledge, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an expert to discuss your project.

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