Get baseboards, CROWN MOLDING, CASINGS & TRIMS installed well and for a fair price.

Helping you with your baseboards:

First of all, you probably don’t pay attention to the floor and ceiling details that make the room look amazing, but we make sure the beauty is right where it belongs…

…in the details.

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Moreover, the overall looks of your rooms is a direct results of all the details built into it.

To be clearer than crystal,  The Ultimate Handyman installs, baseboards, crown molding, trims, wainscoting, door and window casings, wood paneling, carved bordering and all sort of moldings to beautify the room. 

But we can also teach you how to do it, show you what to buy, tools you need and techniques to use. 

For all that, you just need to check out our YouTube channel. 

The Best baseboards and trim looks:

Get the best:

If you don’t have a designer, but would like to have a designer-worth look, just take a picture of something you like and we will reproduce using moldings available locally. 

In several instances homeowners tell us that they want an specific kind of molding, and based on our experience we can tell if that is the best option for your room or not. 

Moreover, we give our opinion and suggestion, in which case, ultimately, we just respect your opinion and install whatever you chose.

Thus, the best option, is having all specked-out by a designer or an architect ahead of time. That saves everyone’s time!

Once you have the technical drawings on a set of plans, we give you a firm price, otherwise, we charge on a time-and materials basis to be trying things on your walls until you love it.  That is the only big advantage of being rich!

our process to install baseboards, trims and crown:

Installation process starts with choice of materials:

Most of the moldings and trims sold in the major home improvement stores are pre-primed, making our job easier to install and paint. 

But some homeowners request the baseboards, crown moldings to be pre-painted before installation. 

To be clear, we can do that with no problem.

But keep in mind that the nail holes have to be patched and touched up after installation.

Although the results are better, adding another layer to the process will also add  time and ultimately will increase the installation price, but having a better house than the Neighbors’ is always worth the price.

The Best Around

Experience makes a difference:

Quality and outstanding results are in the skills of the carpenter you hire. 

The ultimate Handyman has carpenters for every type of installation, and if you require castle-like fixed room adornments, please let us know in advance and we will send the right guy for the job. 

Any all-around finish carpenter can install a door or window casing, but only a few can install multi-layers ceiling adornments. 

Stop reading and call us now for more information or to schedule this installation.

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