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A bollard is a vehicle deterrent:

If you are the average bear, odds are you don’t even know what a bollard is and you are just clicking here to extinguish your fiery curiosity. For you we are posting this tiny picture:


There Are No Secrets To Install a Bollard:

We install it for you when you have better things to do.

Now if you intentionally clicked to this page, you probably already understand the advantages of installing bollards to protect areas against unwanted vehicle incursion.

A simple, but strong bolt-on bollard can be bought online for about $80 each (stay away from the cheaper ones) and we install it for you on a time and materials basis, with a minimum of $250. – – But unfortunately, those will not stop incurring vehicles from entering the areas that you are planning to protect, even when accidentally.

Unless, all you want to do is to stop people from parking in certain areas, then these are OK.

bollard installation in Los Angeles - the easiest and cheapest kind for installation:

Buy your bolt-on bollards then call us.  Book the installation and read the lines below to reinforce that good feeling of hiring us:

Yellow door on a white brick wall with “Keep Clear” sign
bolt-on bollard installation
Caucasian woman wearing a protective mask and gloves out in the streets, using her phone

Or if bolt-ons are not good for your needs, we can design and install bollards disguised as any other common element that you may find in public places.

Specialized bollard and "K" rated bollard:

bollard installation in Los Angeles
We are the only good option:

The fact is, that we are familiar with and we can install all kinds of bollards – bollards that warn and direct drivers into parking lots; safety bollards that actually stop a moving vehicle at impact for those drivers who can’t follow instructions; retractable bollards; removable bollards; plastic bollards; portable bollards

Big bollards, small bollards, long bollards, short bollards, bollards of any and every color. You get the gist of it.

Don’t waste your time, call us, say what you want and we go do it. Problem solved.

Common type of bollards:

The most common kind of bollards look like a thick section of metal pipe with a perforated metal plate welded on the bottom. You order the bollards you want, mark the location on the floor for each, then you call us so we can install them all on a time and materials basis. 

bollard installation in Los Angeles
even when engineering is required:

Our handyman should be able to install the other kinds too, but you will need to give us heads up about your systems, plans, manufacturer and other details before booking the installation. Some systems are so complicated and specific that only our mechanic engineers can handle it, obviously in this case the price is determined by an estimate.

Whatever is your specific bollard needs, be assured that we can fulfill them.

Call us to book a bollard installation!

Athletic woman balancing on bollard and holding her leg in the city
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Reaching out to us:

Obviously, if you either needed information or knowledge, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an expert to discuss your project.

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