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There was a time when a moat and a drawbridge were all you needed for securing your property. One would expect that pillaging time is over, but anyone living in a big city like Los Angeles knows this is not truth.

Even when you have very effective high-tech systems to protect your properties and your people, burglars don’t give up trying. Attempted burglary even when not successful leave behind scars that need repairing. Broken glass, cut off hasps, broken locks, wires cut, doors broken and any other means to attempt entrance to your property. By the time your electronic dragon rings it’s alarm, the damage is already done.

The Ultimate Handyman repairs all those damages and you can always submit our bills to your insurance company for reimbursement. Make sure you are properly covered.

We have the most effective handyman in town. Our guys will repair all those damages, patch the holes in the drywall, replace the locks and install reinforced doors to boost the protection making your home impenetrable.

When cables are cut, we can send you our electrician to reconnect all those wires that were cut in vain. Eventually all burglars will realize that wireless technology is prevalent in most home and business security systems and they will stop cutting wires.

Another kind of damage that burglars leave behind, specially in Los Angeles, is a shattered glass door or window. The Ultimate Handyman can replace broken glass from most types of windows and doors. We can even upgrade that glass for something laminated and shatter-proof, reinforcing the glass will make the ingress to your property through the glass-covered areas as difficult as going through the stucco.

Call The Ultimate Handyman if you need service anywhere in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu and adjacent cities.

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