Chimney Retrofit And Reconstruction for you

Once its damaged, you need to stop using it! But We can rebuild it!

Even if you didn’t click on this immediately following an earthquake, it is still time to retrofit your chimney before the next major tremor strikes. 

And if you did click post-earthquake, odds are you need chimney rebuilding as well as a new retrofitting job. The new one will need to be supported!

Repairing an already unstable chimney is not recommended; as a matter of fact, “in the city of Los Angeles this kind of repair is not allowed”  you will hear.

Many times, you will hear that “once existing chimneys are damaged, you will have to demolish the entire chimney and rebuild it. ” We can help even if it has been damaged badly. keep reading…

As long as your home has not been damaged and your chimney is not condemned, we may be able to shore up and install exterior supports and braces to reinforce existing chimneys, or build a new one all legally! Against what people keep saying.

In the process, we bring in all proper inspecting agencies and we build and improve it to specs. 

The results are spectacular.  

Click on earthquake for more options to protect your homes.

Can you still have a wood burning Fireplace?

Chimney retrofit and reconstruction is easy for us.

Lately, I have heard by many people that you cannot have a wood burning chimney in the city of Los Angeles.  Even city officials have said it to us!

Although many government agencies would like it to be true and even pushed for it, THIS IS NOT TRUE!

In some cases when you are trying to obtain permits to rebuild your wood burning fireplace, or doing some minor remodel or repair, you may be told that you cannot rebuild an existing wood burning fireplace anymore!  This is cap! 

Some people even think that they have to take it down instead of doing some local repair! 

Some other city officials may go to the extent of saying that you have to install a direct-vent fireplace instead! Those flimsy boxes!  No!

You don’t have to submit to a blatant lie! Just call us and book an assessment.  323-651-0635

We will go over the various details about this regulation and what we need to do to get you a full wood burning fireplace!



chimney retrofit and reconstruction - We love Chimneys, specially if they come in trios.
chimney and fireplace rebuild and repairs

Getting permits to rebuild an masonry Fireplace:

Chimney retrofit and reconstruction requires specific knowledge.

Nothing replaces the majesty of a masonry fireplace with its mantel and a full stack! 

It is a fact that all these statements are misconstrued interpretations of the local rules and you don’t need to replace your wood burning fireplace by a direct vent one!

We can do open-hearth fireplaces, and even wood burning ones, all in masonry! Permitted and inspected by the department of building and safety 

(this article was written in 2020 and as we know well, these codes change constantly keep in touch and we tell you what’s the news)

We know how to get the proper permits and we know what paperwork to fill out and drawings to submit that will get the wood burning, masonry stack approved!

Many contractors will be told that the wood burning fireplace is not permitted at the department of building and safety and they give up., and walk away! 

The fact is that we know the codes that are required in order to get a project like this approved. 



chimney retrofit and reconstruction chimney earthquake damage teardown not repairable in Los Angeles

We Know how to get approved for permits:

Chimney retrofit and reconstruction experts to your door:

There are two different building codes that come into place when  wood-burning, open-hearth fireplaces need repairs or replacements.

In order to get a project like this approved, you have to know the codes, understand their applicability and have the correct drawings and documents to back you up when discussing the projects at the engineer desk at the department of building and safety.

If you want your project approved, just give us a call and we set everything up for you. It may cost a pretty penny, but you will have exactly what you want — A wood burning fireplace.



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feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to discuss your project.

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