client's bill of rights

you are entitled to some things just for being a client- client's bill of rights

client's bill of rights For Time and Materials work:

When we service local homes, especially when performing work on a time and materials basis, we advise our clients of these basic common sense items that allow us to continuing providing excellent services to you, we call it Client’s bill of rights.

Below you will be able to find, a guide explaining some of your rights and limitations of our handymen.

Obviously this is done, so no one goes in, expecting too little or too much. 

Read client’s bill of rights below:

Inspections to make sure the work is what you expected: Client's Bill Of Rights.

1) Inspection Clause

As a Time and Materials work agreement delineates, it is important to inspect the work performed during work development to prevent mistakes from going too far.

Also it is important to inspect any work immediately after it is completed and to express any questions or perception you may have about the results of the work performed right after the work is completed, so worker has a chance to correct it before he/she leaves.

After work is completed, you have the right to inspect and ask for any adjustments, improvement and corrections before he/she leaves. 

You also have the right to inspect for any craftsmanship imperfections and request correction up to 48 hours after the service is completed as long as you voiced your concern to the office, same day of service. 

After this time-frame window, without your formal acknowledgment of dissatisfaction for any incomplete work, unsatisfactory craftsmanship and/or any problem that can be visually detected, you automatically acknowledges the results of the work performed as acceptable and waives your rights to request unpaid corrections.

engineer - client's bill of rights - meeting with workers inspecting job site.

 ________________ initials

Materials reimbursements:- Client's Bill Of Rights

2) Material Reimbursement Clause

We will be glad to use materials that you may have ready at the jobsite, granted that it is intended for its recommended use. 

In addition, we will use any parts and materials that we may have in our possession and charging you the prorated stock prices of such items determined by our technician based on market prices.

Furthermore, we will be glad to purchase any materials, parts, devices and/or any other required gadgetry and use our company’s credit card to pay for them. That is, under the condition that such action prompts a 25% up charge of these items, billed back to you, in order to pay for administrative costs.  

On the other hand, you have the option to pay for said materials upfront and save. Pay for the materials at the supplier or provide a method of payment to our technician prior to him/her goes to the store.

Client's bill of rights - materials reimbursement and other reimbursable expenses

 ________________ initials

Ladders and reaching devices: - Client's Bill Of Rights

3) High-Reach Clause

First we will provide climbing equipment, ladder, climb assistance devices and lifts up to 10’ high at no extra charge. 

Also e will provide extension ladders to reach exterior walls up to 2 stories high (about 25’ high).  But you need to let us know over the phone when you are booking and requesting work that requires these devices.  

Even if you are not certain about the exact height, you can provide a loose estimate in number of stories, number of door lengths, number of feet, number of people standing in each other’s shoulders…  You get the idea. — This is so we will know how far up we have to reach and we will bring the proper equipment.  

Call the office if you just realized you need it and our worker is already there. There is a chance that we may be able to solve it fast.

For anything over 12’ and in areas of difficult reach that may need other equipment, as a 12-feet and over A-frame ladders, scaffolding, scissor lifts, boom lifts, cranes, rappel equipment, safety lines, basket elevators, cherry pickers, tow lines, chair hangers, or any other lifting, reaching or access devices, the cost of rental of such devices will be charged from you, according to our reimbursement and equipment policies.

Client's bill of rights - ladder and reach equipment rules - man on a ladder

 ________________ initials

Excess trash and debris: - Client's Bill Of Rights

4) Trash clause

Of course, we will do a basic cleanup and place any trash using your regular means of trash disposal. 

Its important to check with your howling company, because when city regulation prohibits such practice, or the debris and trash is too much for your container to handle, they may charge you a fine/fee for construction debris.

Although this may be the case, we can remove any trash from your property if you want us to do so.  

At no extra charge, we will remove up to, one contractor-size bag of debris or trash.  Contractor-size is considered to be in between 30 to 40 gallon in volume of trash and 40lb in weight maximum. EXCLUSIONS: No Concrete, drywall, logs or branches, nor any dirt!

We can also remove all your trash or any debris, either product of our labor or not, concrete and dirt, starting at the minimum trash fee of $50 plus time spent, to a full 9 yard truck-load at $850 per load, plus time spent on T&M, or even perform multiple truck loads at the rate of $500 per box truck-load up to 1 ton.

Client's bill of rights - trach removal limits- holding a trash bag

 ________________ initials

For client's bill of rights a signature is not needed,

but if you want us to deviate from clients bills of rights, we need a work agreement:

I understand my rights and the limitations outlined above.

Name:              _______________________________    


Signature:          ___________________________________                                                                                               

Date: __________/__________/__________

What goes into a work agreement:

When Client want to go against their bill of rights

Reaching out to us:

Obviously, if you either needed information or knowledge, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an expert to discuss your project.

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