Computer Network, Wired vs. Wireless

We help you install your Computer Network, Wired of course!

Computer Network wired vs. Wireless

Any office with more than one computer needs a network.

Nowadays many networks are wireless, but one day you may come to find out that all those invisible waves, coming from the necessary communication in between computers, routers and servers, may be causing health problems on the people around the office.

That is when you will wish you had a wired network.

The downside of wired networks, is the amount of damage that are necessary to run wires from different locations inside the building. But it is worth it!

 If you ask me, the assurance that I have, knowing that my environment is not filled with millions of crisscrossing invisible waves, and worst of all, that may be harmful to everyone working there, makes me  less preoccupied with possible health effects and it helps me concentrate on the work that I do on the computers.

Most importantly and noteworthy, unlike your wireless network, a wired network cannot be disturbed by radio waves. Your signal will not be slowed down by radio wave interferences.

In addition, if you have a hardwired network, your neighbors cannot get a hold of the password and use your network without your consent.

In sum, a wired network is safer as well.

Computer Network wired according to your needs

Your IT guy can come up with the plan, and we do the difficult work of running the cat 6 cables, and terminating them.

We hide the wires running them from the location where your server will be, all the way to your computers and connect them all according to your needs and plans. We can also connect your printers, scanners, ip phone systems and anything that needs interconnectivity.

All That You need on a wired Computer Network

Careful planning prevents hardware crises, especially when it comes to systems analysis. You tell us:

How many people on your network?

How many on-site and remote users?

Which devices you use?

 Where the devices will reside?

Your departments’ special resource management needs;

Projected business expansion, if applicable;

And we do the wire installation for you.
Yes, it is that easy.

Go ahead, kick back with a beverage now.


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