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Brand new Concrete driveways:

Mmmmmm. Nothing like a brand new concrete driveways. 

It’s a fact that the same property that makes poured concrete a good choice to resist compression, also makes it a poor choice to resist any pulling forces; therefore, the perfect combination of materials for a durable driveway is a balance of concrete with steel reinforcement.

Due to new concrete recycling guidelines, the City Of Los Angeles limits and sometimes totally prohibits the use of steel reinforcement in sidewalks and driveways. 

Such limitations constitute an extra challenge to prevent the inevitable cracks that appear over time – cracks that happen due to concrete’s natural qualities and the need of spacing allowances for expansion and contraction during changes in high and low temperatures.

concrete driveway cost:

determinants of price for concrete driveways:

One of the first thing that comes to mind once you think about a new driveway is the cost of building one.

Cost will depend on a lot of variables. For example, and the most important determinants of price is the city where the house is located in.

Not because a high-end neighborhood will cost more, but because in certain localities the price of pulling a permit, dealing with the department of building and safety,  public works, regulations,  can make the price triple!

Also because  the exact location where the driveway will be poured in,  including access to it, will determine if a concrete delivery truck can make it to a certain distance of it or not.

In case cement trucks cannot to come close, the situation may require concrete pumps and long hoses, or even worse, all concrete may have to be mixed onsite!

Concrete and portland cement crew to rebuild yours driveway and sidewalks in Los Angeles, CA.

Why permits can make a driveway cost more:

Most cities require a simple permit to build a driveway, but some situations and settings,  may require grading plans, city authorizations, storm water drainage plans, among many other technical challenges.

To give more details about this annoying result of government intervention, when you build a driveway, for example, in Los Angeles, when you are demolishing, rebuilding, or building a new driveway, and the process of building will interfere with the root system of any protected species of trees,  you need to contact the department of urban forestry and get an authorization before a permit is issued. 

In fact, if you are rebuilding and demolishing a driveway, it most likely is because the root system of a tree pushed the driveway up, and damaged it somehow.

 As a matter of fact, every driveway that we ever build, located  right by a tree, in the end the process exposed the root system of said tree.

That is why the journey of a driveway builder starts to cost more to get a simple rebuilding permit!

Everywhere else where government rules are relaxed the price is pretty much predictable to the penny.

We can do better than concrete patios or the same wood deck, we build awesome surfaces for you.

Cost of Building a concrete driveway in USA:

This prices were gathered in January of 2021, mostly polled from reputable companies, located in many major metropolitan cities and smaller ones, throughout the USA, and the prices we include here as an average to demonstrate the ranges, regardless of quality.

Because the companies that we polled are registered with their respective licensing board, we assume that the quality and results, for a nice concrete driveway, are at least acceptable. But who can tell, huh?

For bigger cities we noticed that the prices were up to 25% more than the average and the smaller cities the prices tended to stay within the ranges that we include in here:

Cost of Building a concrete driveway in USA - actual numbers:

  • Low -end or superficial repairs – Price varies from $10 to $18 per square foot with a minimum of 500 sq. ft.  This is for an upgrade on budget. Very economical techniques and bare minimums. This layer of price depends of negotiations and what the contractor is willing to offer for reasonable cost. This includes on-top techniques that do not remove the old, basic coloring methods only surface applied. Simple broom finishes, no stenciling or bordering.
  • Medium grade– higher concrete strength – $12 to $22 per square foot with a minimum of 500 sq. ft.  This level includes thicker than 4″ driveways, repairing slope and removal of old. This also includes more elaborate decorative techniques.  This level of cost, also helps you get some choices of coloring mixed-in and stamping, You can ask for higher concrete strength than 1500 psi and reinforcements like steel mesh or rebar.
  • High-end driveways, allows you to ask for anything. Keep in mind that price goes up as you keep asking. This price level gives you 4100psi concrete strength, thicker concrete to correct releveling issues, no- bottom outs designs specifically for you vehicle.  Not mentioning integration of stamped concrete patterns and other enhancements the price starts at $18 and goes up per square foot the higher we ever did was $28 but it had a family crest in it, and obviously also  with a minimum of 500 sq. ft.
driveway -If you have some extra do spend, we can build a better driveway than just concrete- this one was built for a customer that asked us not to mention where or who they are...

Close up on paver smoothing fresh concrete

FAQ about Concrete driveways:

Does a concrete driveway adds to the value of my home?

Anything you do to a home, that is impacting enough may help you sell it for more.

Because we do a lot of work for investors and developers, we can say for sure that making a concrete driveway look good, adds value to the property. Especially because those guys don’t do anything if it doesn’t line their pockets.

They always improve the driveway before the project goes on to be placed on the market. So, yes, from our prospective it does add value to your home.

But it is not difficult to see why.

A driveway is obviously the first thing potential buyers see when they pull up on any property. It is often overlooked, because they are paying too much attention to the house itself, but if the driveway looks crappy, they will definitely engrain it in their decision-making process.

We do not need to mention that the durability, lower maintenance of a concrete driveway, as opposed to asphalt, can increase the value of your property. Especially when buyers choose yours instead of the comparable properties.

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Do you think I can install a driveway myself, DIY-style?

We are from the belief system than any home improvement can be done by the homeowners. That is, if they seek professional help and guidance throughout the process.

However, the process of pouring and finishing a driveway can be grueling. Without any professional help in the concrete pouring day, DIY-ers will get overwhelmed.

The fact is, that even professionals get overwhelmed. It is an internal joke here that underperforming employees lose their jobs in the day we are pouring large concrete projects.

Project managers may yell more, workers may walk out or be fired on the spot, you get the picture.

Its important to understand, that after the concrete is delivered, you have a limited amount of time to get it all perfect.

So, ask a contractor if you can help on their concrete pouring job one day, before you try on your own home. You will quickly realize its out of your league.

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Cracks on your concrete driveway:

Our careful planning, addition of concrete additives, proper placement of expansion joints, and other tricks of the trade allow us to guide these inevitable cracks into expansion joints, which will render cracks invisible…or even planned. Ask us how! Because it does cost more! Ask whomever you may be hiring, before you learn this lesson.

The Ultimate Handyman is a Los Angeles Construction Company that builds driveways in any style, shape or form.

Minor repairs on concrete driveway:

If your driveway is good enough and all you need is some minor repairs, here is when the name of the company will make some sense. 

For smaller driveway repairs, especially if you have a concrete driveway, you call us and you describe the size of the repair and we can give you a price over the phone. 

That is how The Ultimate Handyman became known as a concrete contractor and the best driveway contractor here in the city of Los Angeles, we started small and our affordable prices and attentive personnel generated word-of-the-mouth advertisement, which in turn gave us the repeat business experience since 1996! 

Now paving a driveway is child play for us.

Even our competitors hire our services:

Our concrete crews have the best, most experienced and hard-working cement and concrete workers you can possibly get.

Now as a General Contracting Company and established as a construction company in Los Angeles, we became more than just a residential concrete contractor. The Ultimate Handyman can help you with building a house from the ground up, but concrete paving, asphalt paving, decorative concrete paving, or any other concrete driveways or any concrete work for that matter is what we like to do.

The fact is that we are so experienced in this field, that many times we have helped our competitors, among them, many bigger concrete companies, larger construction companies, and many other driveway/concrete contractors to complete their larger projects by sending our crews on a time-and-materials basis, so they could fulfill their work orders or to meet a deadline. 

Because of this cooperation, we all win, but particularly it shows that even our competitors rely on labor coming from us.

If you need any kind of concrete in Los Angeles or adjacent cities, or only have a concrete driveway that needs some repairs, give us a call, you will be glad you did.

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Video about Concrete driveways:

The Best Around - Concrete Image Carrousel

The Best Around - Hiring the right people

The Ultimate Handyman in Los Angeles, CA, has provided the very best in high-end construction and maintenance services to area residents since 1996. So take advantage of our valuable expertise and unbeatable prices, and call us today at 323-651-0635.

When you hire the Ultimate Handyman, you’ll get a team of friendly, helpful construction workers and office personnel who will guide you through your entire project, from the first nail to the last. We are 100% committed to your ultimate satisfaction. 

We hire only the finest in professional craftsmen fully licensed as field employees. And the project managers together form a team with almost 150 years of collective construction experience, with a deep love for custom projects.

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Dedication to our trade:

Our passion and dedication show through in our work, whether you need minor repair on a driveway or want to add a a brand new driveway. 

Whatever the nature of your home or commercial maintenance project, no job is too big or too small for the Ultimate Handyman. 

We work hard to cultivate a reputation of integrity, respect and honesty amongst all our clients, and there’s no better reward than repeat business and positive word of mouth.

Reasons to choose right:

So if you’re ready to experience outstanding work from an outstanding contractor, call us to schedule maintenance or a free verbal estimate at 323-651-0635. 

The Ultimate Handyman in Los Angeles, CA. We’re standing by with all your construction and maintenance needs. 

We guarantee quality service, unbeatable prices, and 100% customer satisfaction. We’re available anytime for all your maintenance needs, so don’t delay. Call us right now. 323-651-0635.

Locations for Concrete Driveways:

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels. 

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If you either needed information or knowledge, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an expert to discuss your project.

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