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First lets define what you are calling for or emailing us about

Contacting us, you can get your answers, and using Baby-steps we can get far together.  

First lets define what you are calling or emailing us about:

1 – Is it to Request service or information about it?
2 – Do you want to discuss an ongoing project? Or have you scheduled already, have you already had service done, or have someone already working for you?
3 – Do you want to reach the owner? 
4 – Are you good with tools and looking for employment?
5 – Are you a pro of any trade and want to sell your services to help us serve our clients?
6 – Call Us or Request a Call Back

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We are open Monday Through Friday - 08:30AM / 05:00 PM

+1 323 651-0635

Your Hometown Handyman Services Provider

The most common construction trades are considered “Handyman rates” and will be charged as such.

We have professionals of every construction trade to assist you in the completion of any remodel, repair, addition, installation, and maintenance projects, that is one of the reasons why we charge a fair hourly rate, under-market, for services performed by highly skilled professionals. Our craftsmen will perform an amazing job; therefore, you will be 100% satisfied with a fair price.

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