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How to Contact Us:

To Reach The Right Person on Your First Try!

Hand-Holding and Baby-steps:

Contacting us, you can get your answers, and using Baby-steps we can get far together.  First lets define what you are calling or emailing us about:

1 – Is it to Request service or information about it?
2 – Do you want to discuss an ongoing project? Or have you scheduled already, have you already had service done, or have someone already working for you?
3 – Do you want to reach the owner? 
4 – Are you good with tools and looking for employment?
5 – Are you a pro of any trade and want to sell your services to help us serve our clients?
6 – Call Us.

All buttons can be found below:

Below you can find color-coded details about the communication buttons listed Above:

This Button is for for Business Inquiries, Q&A, Business Questions, requests for services, approval of proposals and estimates. 

Since expectation are everything in this business, PLEASE READ THIS:

We answer your emails within 24 hours in best-case-scenarios and within a weeks time when we are super busy, but we answer it. If you want immediate responses, just click the call button during business hours here in Los Angeles.

This Button is for Current Customers to discuss projects and also for Current Customers Requesting Extra Services, Requesting Information about ongoing or scheduled projects.

We give priority to these emails, especially because we prefer to keep a customer, rather than to earn a new one on the expense of the current client.

You will only appreciate it once you become a client.  So don’t try to be sneaky and send new service requests in this email line, we will notice that you are not in the system, and once the trust is broken, we prefer not to do business with you.

Lets stay in each other’s good side.

This button sends an email to the Owner, you may have already guessed.

This is for anything you would like to tell the owner to improve business practices, and keep all employees honest.

Emails to this address, at your request, it will be kept in secrecy.

We use the information received here to evaluate employees’ performances, make changes to our procedures in order to adapt to your needs.

This is not to be used for cold calls or emails.


Feel free to tell the owner anything that needs to be told!

Thus, employees are reprimanded or praised based on your input.

When secrecy is not requested, Emails either positive or negative are kept until the end of the year for annual reviews.

For context, employee praises need to have specific job description, address of service and reasons for the praise.


Indeed, emails are sorted and kept for annual employee reviews. So Be responsible and cool off before ranting about someone that most likely was just trying to follow our rules.

Keep in mind that their livelihood can be affected.

Our employees have families and kids to which they provide.

Irresponsible or money-mad criticism its something that comes to the detriment of all involved. Some good examples of money-mad:

• When a tech buys the good paint, its not because he wanted to spend your money, it is because he knows that only one coat of paint will save in labor, making the job faster!

• When the employee buys a bit more than what was used, its is not because they want left overs, specially because we leave it to you or in your trash, but it is because having to go back to buy more cost you more in the end.

Our employees are Pros and conscientious human beings, they have no intention to aggravate anyone.

They are humans as much as you are.

So give them space to do their work and everyone should be happy.

If you have the tendency or often feel that people want to take advantage of you. please have this open conversation with your tech. They will go above and beyond to prevent misunderstandings, because what matters is what you feel, and we want you to feel confident that you got the best working for you!

If you have a very specific building trade or talent, or even perhaps you feel you are deserving of the title “The Ultimate Handyman” here may be the place for you. 

Contact us here. We will be glad to work alongside great craftsman like yourself. 

You will be recognized for what you do best, your craft.

Contact Us

If you are really good at what you do, has a very specialized trade talent, and are licensed with CSLB, we always have specialized jobs for you. We keep you busy and you keep our clients happy. Let’s partner up to make a better tomorrow. We need good people, licensed for one specialized trade, with excellent reputation, track record and love for what you do.

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

Reach out to us:

Obviously, if you either needed information or knowledge, 

feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to discuss your project.

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