Copies of Paperwork

Documenting everything by mantaining Copies of Paperwork

Reasons to need copies of paperwork

because paperwork gets lost with time:

Besides the fact that you can see the work that was done at your property, we always provide you with an email with your invoice, which is the only original free copy of paperwork, including reported hours and job description.

In reality, there are times when we need to prove to people what was done, by keeping track of documenting the job. 

Two good examples for use of back up documentation, is keeping receipts for the IRS and keeping track of payments made to get reimbursements from insurance companies.

The fact is, that when you request any work from us, you get that receipt in the email. 

It is also a fact, that people loose their receipts and if that happens to you, you might need copies of that paperwork, or even more…

Making copies of documents

Paperwork copies generate costs

but Paperwork copies might be a necessity:

We also keep extensive records of all the work we do, including pictures, material lists, man-hours and written descriptions. Click on the orange text to see details. But revisiting old invoices, reports and printing paperwork will generate costs. That includes office time researching records and actual stationary, printing, etc…

 Then again, in certain instances you may require copies of old paperwork, because you lost your copies.

In many cases, clients need extra copies, or reports to send to insurance companies, because adjusters are too lazy and decide to put you to work instead.

But the most common reason is because someone needs to be reimbursed by a third-party and wants to show what was done.

We get it. Although this might be a necessity, we will provide these extra copies and any documentation that you might need according to our rates and policies explained below.

A room full of paper copies of medical files.

We make Paperwork copies

but Paperwork copies will add cost to your bill.

Whatever the reason, copies of invoices or the daily records of jobs performed, copies of daily paperwork related to jobs, copies of invoices, and / or receipts can be provided at your request.

The only catch: There is a $10 charge per copy of receipts acquired or any other digital record and / or paperwork requested per work day

This charge is to cover for the clerical work involved in gathering such material and forwarding to you.

A separate bill can be issued to cover for such services, or we can include this amount to an unpaid invoice, make sure that this time you don’t loose the invoice, because it can be an endless cycle!

copies of paperwork Expert Reports Calculations Promo $190/sf room addition | Los Angeles County Special

Important Fact about Handling costs of Paperwork copies

We keep our costs low preventing waste of resources

The handling and reproduction of paperwork, and digital files, generates a cost and we don’t want everyone paying for that cost, especially considering that you manage your paperwork well, or keep your records digitally, or simply has you s**t together. 

Let those who keep burdening the system pay for the cost that they generate, not you.

Pricing Table

Handling Files

We charge $10.00 per individual file printed out.

Copy sizes are A4 or 18″ x 11″ maximum. These copies are produced out of the files that we keep, up to two months, after the servicing date.

Printed files include invoices, bills, receipts and reports.

When they are requested to be mailed, additional mailing charges may apply.

We will do whatever it takes to provide you with thorough documentation, but like any good service, there has to be associated with a price.

We charge $5.00 per digital file requested beyond what was sent to you already. They can only be sent as small images or PDF files.

Either reports, receipts, individual worker reports, invoices and bills, including whatever digital materials in our possession for which you may request a digital file, all qualify for this individual charge. PER FILE HANDLED.

Keep that in mind when you call asking for three years of maintenance reports for any property. Ahh I forgot to mention… We only keep certain digital files for only three months after the servicing date, so make sure you come to us before we delete some files here.

We will be glad to provide it, specially because you will be paying for the staff’s time to produce it.

We don’t always charge this, but read carefully:

GPS reports can also be produced to identify discrepancies on billing.

So if you think that 30 minutes at Home Depot is unacceptable, we can produce a GPS report showing where the worker had been during the billed hours.

If the workers GPS report shows that he went to anywhere else, and did not spent that time at  the Home Improvement store of his choice, we will be glad to remove these billed hours from your account.

But if turns out he actually was at any Home Improvement Supply store related to the task at hand, there is a $10.00 charge for that report.

Let’s be fair, a desire to make a job cheaper cannot trump the right of any worker to live a slander-free life, in which case the cost of this research will be paid by you deservedly.

We never know…

Whomever is wrong is deserving a bit of shaming will get it. Specially if it’s the worker, because his job will be on the line.

Reach out to us:

Obviously, if you either needed information or knowledge, 

feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to discuss your needs.

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