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Credit Card Payments

Amex, Visa, Mastercard

Keep in mind that all invoices can be conveniently paid by phone using your Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. It’s a known fact, that your credit card company charges us about 3.22% fee for the convenience of accepting credit cards, so it is just fair that everyone else that pays cash, ACH and check gets that as a discount, thus the amount listed on every invoice already reflects such discount.

That means, that if you decide to pay on your credit card, you do not qualify for this discount; therefore, you pay 3.22% more. 

Thus, if you would rather get a 3.22% discount from your credit card total owed, you can always give us a check, or pay ACH instead.

Most importantly, we do not want to pass that as a hidden charge to ALL of our customers, so it’s just fair that all other forms of payment gets a lower price, perhaps by doing this, we can show those rich fellas that it is best to open a savings account to pay for those miles that are now “given for free” by their credit cards.

Credit card payments - its not the end of the World:

To conclude, we are just trying to start a new system where the poor (that has to pay cash) doesn’t pay the hidden fees for the rich to get miles and travel all over the World! Fair is fair!

credit card payments

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