Deck Construction
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Deck Construction & Repairs

Deck Construction and Repairs are a breeze!


You can do it yourself or we can do it for you. Either way we can help you. 

Who loves a deck? A deck floor surface constitutes a foundation base, structuring elements, and a walkable surface made from various flooring materials – usually wood. 

You can build one anywhere on the exterior of a house to level and beautify surroundings. Most decks are built to create terraces, balconies, verandas, porches, patios, and pool surroundings.

We can advise you on blueprints, materials, construction, and maintenance – all with an eye on value. And if it’s broken, we can fix it.

Call us to schedule a consultation.

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Deck building and replacement for handyman prices:

The name Ultimate Handyman implies small jobs and only small deck repairs, but when it comes to wood decks and patios, The Ultimate Handyman is the favorite deck contractor in Los Angeles.

From building new decks to repairing and wood refinishing, The Ultimate Handyman provides the best carpentry services to deliver outstanding results.

Many deck companies claim to be the best in deck construction, but only The Ultimate Handyman can also claim that we deliver professional deck building services for HANDYMAN PRICES! How can you beat that?

Fair Prices and quality on deck building:

We have built custom decks for the price of run-of-the-mill decks, all on a time-and-materials basis. 

Unlike many contractors out there, the Ultimate Handyman does many jobs on a time and Materials basis in order to be fair to our richer customers that consistently tell us that other contractors look at their house in order to determine their rates; therefore, they hired us on a time and materials basis and paid much less than quotes received by major deck builders here in Los Angeles.

Obviously we have fair pricing because we are often hired by bigger construction companies to fulfill their deck building contracts. 

They hire us to build their decks on a time and materials basis and charge their customers a lump sum contract. 

Because of their returned business, and recurring projects being sent our way by the same construction companies, we concluded that we have a very good pricing system, that works for them instead of using their own employees or subs.

Deck Repairs and restoration:

Why choose us?

Deck restoration is also another specialty that we handle fairly often. 

Some other deck contractors don’t even handle deck restoration, they tell you that you have to demolish and rebuild, but we are able to restore all the usable elements of your deck and only restore and refinish, saving you thousands of dollars! 

Call us and we will assist you on what the best approach is for your specific case.

When we build your deck we keep in mind all the other elements around as your fence, walls and other surfaces that the deck will have to blend in. 

Existing wood fences and matching woods are usually considered when we are building a deck. 

When the surrounding fences match your wooden decks, the fence look more like an extension of the deck and its presence do not seem so obtrusive.

Since 1995 The Ultimate Handyman has been a premiere deck building company in Los Angeles. 

So when you need decks built, or only a deck builder to ask your questions, give us a call. You will not find deck builders willing to answer your questions as willingly as The Ultimate Handyman.

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feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to discuss your project.

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