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When to interact with The Department of Building and Safety?

When any government agency requests improvements for a dwelling or building, odds are that you will also need a permit from the Department Of Building And Safety to properly comply.

We have extensive experience identifying those items that will require a permit whether or not they were requested by a government agency and we will guide you through the process of acquiring the proper permits.

We also schedule and attend every required inspection until the permits are approved and closed.

There. How easy was that?

Department Of Building & Safety | Qualified Contractor Handyman Prices


Its best to never get one:

The Ultimate Handyman knows the best practices of building and safety and we will help you every step of the construction, addition or remodeling process, so you don’t have to deal with violation notices… 

The most that can happen is receiving a note to correct according to specific instructions from the inspector, but at that point you are already off the hook with the worse. 

That is why we pride ourselves in doing everything right and taking all the steps to facilitate and minimize the work and stress for everyone involved, including the Homeowner, the inspectors, we just need to work a little harder, but it is worth it!

Before the Department of Building and Safety gets involved:

There is a lot you need to know about the contractor before you end up with Department of Building and safety violations.

If your contractor is legit, most likely you will never have violations in the first place!

You need someone knowledgeable to represent you:

When it comes to dealing with inspectors, the best option is hiring someone with the knowledge about the various building codes and with extensive experience in the construction field. 

It is an undeniable fact, that when you deal with construction projects, there will always be an inspector who shows up unannounced and throws a wrench in the things that you are doing… Unless, if the assistance that you hire, already knows the building codes well enough and will not stumble when the inspectors show up.



Making sense of Code related issues:

Its guaranteed that at some point, you will have some interaction with the inspector that won’t make much sense. 

Either the issue was open for interpretation or the inspector was having a bad day.

My point is, that having someone who knows construction well, and has dealt with various code compliance issues, its more likely that the issue will be discussed based on verifiable code listed on the books, the inspector will look it up and either give in, or in the worst-case scenario, not come up with outrageously expensive compliance items to haunt your budget!

many different specialty contractors

For the same project:

The most stressful situation in construction is when separate trades do not take responsibility for their own mistakes and start to blame each other or on adjacent trades.

When these situations start to happen, it may be too late. At this point the inspectors of the department of building and safety have already gotten involved. 

The ideal situation is to catch these disagreements at an early stage. That being said, you will only have this handled right when you have, most likely a general contractor, or a job manager, engaged at an early construction stage before any of the trades are hired. 

These professionals help the trades stay in their lane, protect the construction investment and guide the tradesman through possible disagreements before the department of building and safety gets involved.

No one wants problems, and when they happen at a jobsite, the only one who loses is the person writing the paychecks.

Don’t be holding the loosing end of the deal. Hire a construction expert early and look at it as an investment in loss prevention and deadline holder! It is worth every penny… specially when research shows that inter-trades disagreements may almost double the cost of big construction projects.


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