Dry Rot & Termite Damage Repair

Dry Rot & Termite Damage Repairs

Dryrot and your home:

Yes, this house is brand new and has absolutely no dry rot.  What house? Scrow down to see the picture below.

Your property may also look like this but is no longer so brand new.

Older houses inevitably incur exposure to moisture, which can cause dry rot over time.

Some of the culprits are invisible leaks, trapped moisture, water infiltration, condensation, poor drainage, clogged rain gutters, blocked roof valleys, cracked roof tiles, accumulated kitchen and bathroom spills, sprinkler heads facing your home, missing flashing, external areas sloped in, and more.

Phew, those are a lot of possibilities!

Termites love soft wood, and find especially appetizing wood that has been affected by any degree of dry rot.

Something important to remember, is that we handle any and all kinds of dry rot and termite damage, both preventative and postventative. (we invented this word)


Sometimes Dryrot and Termite damage is so bad that the only solution is rebuilding the entire affected section. The Ultimate Pro are experts- you can trust us. We are on retainer with many Homeowners Associations that have dryrot as a major expenditure on their budget. We repair a section every month and when they notice the time has gone by and we are already done with the entire building complex. If you are responsible for the maintenance in any large complex and you have a recurring problem with dryrot in many areas of your property, look up “Tiered Pricing system” on our search engine and put us on retainer, you will save a ton of money and is still cheaper than hiring a set of carpenters for your staff.

how we can help

As the most important action to be taken, in areas susceptible to dryrot we apply all techniques to correct and prevent future damage. More than just fixing the damage. That simple! Not everyone knows how to do that! We do.

Keep in mind, that especially in areas that require waterproofing we pay special attention to missing flashing and slopes. You will never have to worry about it.

The Ultimate Handyman in Los Angeles, CA, has provided the very best in high-end construction and maintenance services to area residents since 1996. Thus, take advantage of our valuable expertise and unbeatable prices, and call us today.

Moreover, when you hire The Ultimate Handyman, you’ll get a team of friendly, helpful construction workers and office personnel who will guide you through your entire project, from the first nail to the last. We are 100% committed to your ultimate satisfaction. We hire only the finest in professional craftsmen as field employees. And the project managers and our engineers together form a team with almost 150 years of collective construction experience, with a deep love for custom project.

No more worrying about dryrot

Finally, Our passion and dedication show through in our work, whether you need minor dry rot repair work or want to demolish and rebuild a whole new home. Whatever the nature of your home or commercial maintenance project, no job is too big or too small for the Ultimate Handyman. We work hard to cultivate a reputation of integrity, respect and honesty amongst all our clients, and there’s no better reward than repeat business and positive word of mouth.

Call us now and we will be your BFF

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