Drywall installation and Repairs

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We use the generic term “drywall” when talking about gypsum board. You may call it “wallboard” or know it by its brand name, Sheetrock. It comprises a gypsum core, with coarse paper on the back and smooth paper on the finish side.

Drywall installation and repairs in Los Angeles

For people like us who know first-hand the detail (and, we won’t lie, tedium) that is traditional plastering, installing drywall is child’s play. Tapping and mudding is the process of making the walls look as though they have been created from one solid piece. This is a divinely-given gift that not many possess. God is definitely on our side: We are fast and the jobs we do always pass inspections. Drywall sheets come in 4’x8′, 4’x10′, 4’x12′, and even larger. We usually use 4’x8′ sheets for smaller jobs; they’re a little easier to work with and God doesn’t want us to break our backs. For big jobs we use 12′ because we want to finish faster! Screw our backs! We even know how to install it on curved walls, in which case we use either 3/8″ or 1/4″ drywall with wet plywood forming backing and a lot of our supernatural God-given powers. 

Drywall installation and repairs in Los Angeles

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