Earthquake Preparedness Brochure

Earthquake Preparedness Brochure for Los Angeles Residents

We Made this Earthquake Preparedness Brochure For you!

To start with, we put a lot of thought into this Earthquake preparedness brochure, basically using the Community Emergency Response Team training as a baseline for the recommendations.

As an easy way to download, Click on this link and get your free PDF file.

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If you are into earthquake preparedness, or just care about people in general, you should print out this brochure (link above) and distribute to all the people you care about… or those you don’t care for too. Because Karma is a biatch!!!

Reasons for caring - Earthquake Preparedness

Besides a Construction company, a General Contractor, a Building Company and  a Maintenance Company, The Ultimate Handyman is involved with earthquake preparedness because we care for our fellow man and women… and non binary folks…(and everyone that would be offended if we don’t mention them)

Its worth mentioning that we care. The fact is, that if you use your junk the way that the implied design suggests or not (for that we don’t care), but we do care if an earthquake can injury you — and your junk for that matter.

Granted that I don’t like talking about your junk, but I just did… I have to apologize for that – in the name of the company. I was never that good with being PC or measuring my words anyway, but when I am talking in the collective “we” as a company, I should be more careful.

Everyone deserves a new chance

Starting again, We as The Ultimate Handyman, would like all our clients and fellow neighbors to be prepared in the event of a catastrophic earthquake.  

In consideration of safety, in an effort to help our neighbors here in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and adjacent cities, The Ultimate Handyman prepared a brochure with all the essentials you need to know in order to get prepared, survive and thrive afterwards.

We at The Ultimate Handyman mailed the brochure, available at the link above, to 10,000 of our closest neighbors.

Unfortunately, we did not have the means to print out and send to all residents in Los Angeles, but we posted it here for anyone interested. 

See, we are not the kind that talks about your junk for no reason! But I digressed… Earthquake preparedness brochure.

We Partnered with Earthquake Country Alliance and sC/eC

In order to do things right, we sought the assistance of the Earthquake Country Alliance  and SC/EC an NSF + USGS Center to come up with this Earthquake preparedness Brochure.  

Thus, there was a strict process of approval and vetting of the material that we included in this pamphlet.

For the record, they did not approve the inclusion of preservatives (condoms) on the Earthquake preparedness brochure, but we included it anyway. I can say certainly that we are not rebels, we just like to protect our junk!


Were you talking about your junk again? Talk about our Earthquake preparedness brochure please!

In other words, we try to help and be funny at the same time, and this is not an easy task. 

That being said, if it was easy to be funny, we would be writing for a TV or movie comedy. They pay much better than handyman work! So continue reading if you are interested in our earthquake preparedness brochure and ignore me talking about my junk.

What to do Before, during and after an earthquake?


Check your home’s structural integrity:

Examine your foundation to make sure it is bolted in.

Install shear walls, such as plywood on “cripple walls” on raised foundations, Because cross bracing is not enough!

Make sure all concrete is solid, without pockets of trapped air or cracks that can weaken it.

Check that all wood is safe from insects invasion.

Call exterminators and replace any affected wood when necessary.

Ensure that these changes are properly permitted and inspected, your local department of building and safety can help you with that.


Secure Furniture Glass and Appliances.

Prepare an emergency kit that will afford you, and your entire family, including your pets at least 72 hours of self sufficiency

Keep important identification, contact information, and medical information on children, and elderly or disabled adults at all times.

Have you veterinarian microchip your pets to help find and identify them.

Identify the sturdiest and safest areas in your home.

Make and rehearse a plan with your family for what to do during and after an earthquake.


Drop, Cover, and Hold on.

Drop to the ground, take cover under something sturdy or cover your head with your arms, and hold on until the worst is over.

Do not get in a doorway, which provides no protection from falling items and may cause injuries if the swinging door slams on your fingers

If you are inside, stay inside. Still drop, cover and hold on.

If you are outside, stay outside, get to a clear area AWAY from overpasses, buildings, tall trees, or any structure.

If you are in a car, away from these structures, stay in the car with your seat belt on until the shake stops.

Visit to learn what no do in other situations.

If you made a correct kit, you will think where you left it and make immediate plans to get to it as soon as the shake stops.

Your bugout bag should include the following items:

First aid kit, Swiss army knife or pocket-sized multi-tool’ Firefighters’ 4-in-1 emergency tool, Important medications, Personal items like eye glasses, Hearing aid, Tampons, Flashlight,  Whistle,

Photos and copies of identification and medical info of anyone of the same household including pets.

Canned food for people and dry food for pets.

One or two gallons of drinkable water per person per day, for at least 3 days, but ideally two weeks – don’t forget your pets too – they count!

A few comfort items like chocolate bars and crayon for children.





Check for injuries and obvious structural damage.

Apply first aid on anyone as needed.

Expect after shock and be prepared for it for the next few months.

Extinguish small fires, which is the most common danger after an earthquake according to the American Red Cross.

Turn off the gas, but only if you smell or hear a leak.

Do not use candles or open flames.

Do not drink tap water, city water and sewer lines run close together and cross contamination is common after an earthquake.

Do not drink swimming pool or spa water, but you can use it for bathing or purify and boil in  extreme conditions.

Clean up any spilled chemicals, specially dangerous ones, like gasoline, oil, bleach, chlorinated liquids, or smelly ones.

Be patient with everyone including yourself. Your loved ones and your pets will be stressed and will act erratically, be a leader and the problem solver of the family.

Essential house preparation:

  1. In large earthquakes,  people can be trapped in their homes by their own toppled furniture and injured by flying objects.
  2. Here’s how you can prevent these and other common disasters injuries:
  3. Bolt water heaters to studs
  4. Secure ceiling fans, and reinforce hanging light fixtures.
  5. Brace refrigerators and other heavy appliances to the wall.
  6.  Attach latches to cabinet and cupboards doors.
  7. Strap shelving to walls – bolt them to stud where possible.
  8. Never hang heavy paintings or mirrors over beds.
  9. Reinforce foundations walls, garages, and chimneys.
  10. Secure computer and monitors.
  11. Fit all gas appliances with flexible gas connectors.

We are also producing videos to exemplify and explain what is the most important in every situation, using irreverence and a pinch of humor... after all entretainment value is what all instructional videos lack.

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