Earthquake Shut off valves

In Los Angeles Earthquake Shut off Valves are essential

seismic Gas valve retrofits = Earthquake Shut Off Valves

 First thing to remember, a Seismic Gas Valve Retrofits are commonly called Earthquake Shut off valves.

Granted that you live in earthquake country, do you have an earthquake valve on you residence?

Most importantly, it provides an instant, automatic shut-off for low pressure regulated gas supply during a major earthquake and/or when the pipe is otherwise broken. 

Ideal location for Natural gas and LPG.

Second, to clarify, an earthquake gas shut off valve is a small device installed on the property gas meter, usually between the utility company’s metered installation and the structure piping.

It is important to point out that it works on both utility supplied natural gas and on gaseous liquified petroleum gas lines (aka LPG).

location and advantages to clarify.

Utility companies recommend that you shut off your gas immediately after an earthquake, as fires or explosions due to gas line breaks can be more damaging than actual earthquakes themselves.

As a matter of fact, if you are at work or away when an earthquake hits, you may not be able to get home in time, but the real fact is, that an earthquake valve will take care of this right away for you.

Equally important, these devices should be installed by licensed contractors and cost anywhere from $500 to $1,550 per meter, including parts and labor.

Below you can find common installation instruction, pictures and set up advices. Additionally, we prepared this quick video to mention to you some common installation issues.  I hope it helps.

Earthquake shut off valve video in detail:

He meant Seismic Valve retrofit on the video!

Installation tips and tricks:

Installation Step One:

The installation is simple:

  1. 1 To start, buy the earthquake shut off valves that matches the size of your lines. If you have a 3/4″ line, buy a 3/4″ valve.

Step two: orientation

  1. 2 Most importantly, buy the earthquake shut off valves that are made to be installed on the position that you need, or have space for it. Meaning that, you buy Horizontal valves to be installed in horizontal lines and vertical valves to be installed in vertical lines.

Earthquake Shut off valves Step three: For ease of Installation

  1. 3 Moreover, make sure you have a union connector the same size as the valve and the lines for ease of installation.

Code for Installation Earthquake Shut Off Valves Step Four:

  1. 4 Due to installation codes that applies to this type of plumbing, it is important to point out, that you should have at least one stabilizer bracket attached on the above-ground pipes and the building. To be more clear, this will hold the line where the earthquake valve is, and will maintain it attached to the wall of the building.

Location - Step five: Installation

  1. 5 For ease of understanding, the gas meter tells where the Gas company line ends and where your house line starts.  Therefore, according to code, install  earthquake shut off valves after the meter, on the side of the house, as opposed to the gas company side of the meter.

Illustrations for understanding of Installation - Earthquake Shut off valves

  1. 6 At the scrolling pictures above you will see examples of the bracket needed, horizontal and vertical lines. Hover over the picture so it stops scrolling.

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