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Assessments, Estimates and Proposals

Read our Policies About Estimates and Proposals Here:

Written estimates and Proposals are only for bigger jobs. For handyman work it does not make economical sense for any respectable company to do it.

When a job DOES NOT qualify for our time and materials rates (expected to cost less than $3,000), we offer free verbal estimates, by phone and Email,when it comes to all labor.

If you like what we have to offer, based on our general labor assessment, then we ask for a $150 good faith deposit. 

Assured of your seriousness, we execute a written estimate with all details, including materials.

This engagement deposit goes towards the total contract price.

If for any reason you decide that you don’t want us to do this work, you can use the $150 credit towards us doing any other work.

Present your receipt to redeem the $150 towards different work other than the work proposed.

Reasons For Deposit

not only written estimates and proposals:

Reasons for Deposits for Estimates and Proposals:

The reason why we do this is to keep prices affordable.

By doing this, we reduce frivolous proposal request from insurance purposes and real state agents and we close 95% of our proposals keeping our prices always affordable.

So if you want a written proposal, we know you are serious about it and we can always secure a good competitive price. We all win.

Changing Your Mind

after you got a written estimate and proposal:

ATTENTION For Acquirers of Estimates and Proposals:

Hourly Labor Rates do not apply to fixed price Proposals.

Acceptance of a proposal excludes you from later opting for the labor rates.

After the work is already performed, a written accepted proposal supersedes any calculation of time spent to perform any job.

Removal of items from estimates or proposals

Also, if you requested an estimate that included several items, but decided to do only a few, the prices listed on the estimate will change according to the trades removed; meaning that, individual items which shared trades, will cost more individually done.

If the chosen items of the provided estimate are so few that would bring the total amount of the work to under $3,000, regular time-and-materials rates apply. Most importantly, only we as a company, have the prerogative to decide the best approach.

The estimate is prepared taking in consideration all items that you needed at the time of estimate visit, when items are removed, the individual prices no longer apply.

Estimates and proposals - What you will get:

You will get a thought out plan, with description and numbers that go with it. You will see how professional we are and will see that it is worth every penny.

assessments, estimates and proposals
Assessments, Estimates and Proposals All-in-One
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Knowing Well How Much You Will Pay

Exploration Work Prior to Proposals and Estimates:

For some jobs that are slightly over the $3,000 threshold and/or the customer wants to know what surprises lie inside the walls,or in hidden places, some exploration work will become required. Exploration work will be charged according to our time and materials rates up to the limits described here.

Once a Work Agreement is signed:

A work agreement is a set of rules in which we will base our agreements with employees, subs and related trades. We should not need to point out that it is an important document.  

It is easy to understand that this document was based on conversations we had with the client, visitations to the jobsite, materials considerations, labor considerations, and pictures that we took, therefore we made plans.

I am saying this because, once the work agreement is signed, plans shall not change. If you have ideas about doing the work yourself to save money and negotiate a better deal later, forget it!  This is a recipe to make everyone involved unhappy. 

Every worker involved make plans based on what they expect. Including people in the office rely on the paperwork delivered to us to make the future bills and billing schedules. Imagine the kind of wrench you throw in the system once you make changes to what has been agreed and signed on a contract!  

In sum, don’t try to change what was agreed upon.

If you either needed information or knowledge, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an expert to discuss your project.

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