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how we charge for Expert Reports, Calculations and Design

Of course, Expert reports, Calculations and Design can win or loose a dispute.

Obviously what you pay to our experts, will bring back every penny that you are disputing, and possibly some damages, that can be substantially more than the disputed amount. 

In this case, we charge $180 per hour, with four hour minimum for professional assessments, evaluation reports, or expert affidavit reports requested by customer or government agencies.

Also because engineers have degrees that make things cost more, our rates are $250 per hour with four hour minimum for engineering reports, architectural plans, technical designs, CAD drawings, or expert court depositions.

Expert Reports Calculations

Complementary trades and specialties in broader investigations:

As a matter of fact, not everyone needs an expert report, but when this becomes necessary, that is when you feel safe to be doing business with the right company. 

Along with The Ultimate Handyman, The Ultimate Pro Inc, produces expert reports that you can use for any legal matter, from tenant and landlord disputes, to full blown lawsuits. 

In addition, when outside experts come in to complement reports, or construction specialties or engineering is required as part of a broader and deeper investigation, their specific rates are charged according to their individual fees, and we bill our clients back according to our reimbursement policies.

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Such as Court depositions

Work of law firm

In the event that a written report is used for any legal or court procedure, and subsequently the system requires a deposition, as it is expected, we charged just like your attorney. 

To clarify, it means that each quarter hour spent for the deposition, including waiting times, preparation, attorney meeting, reviewing materials, rearrangements of schedules, and postponements after our arrival, will be billed to client regardless if the deposition has happened or not.  

In any event, the minimum billing charges still applies if this is the first billed hours of any particular case.

Its important to point out that cancellations last-minute are common, and all the time invested into these procedures have to be billed accordingly.


For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

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