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Fire Sprinklers System

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A fire sprinkler is the part of a Fire Protection System that discharges water when the effects of a fire have been detected, such as when a predetermined temperature has been reached when in contact with open flames or extreme heat. We at The Ultimate Handyman, design, install, repair, and replace any part of your fire protection system as part of any renovation, construction,  and multi-trade repairs.

US regulatory requirements

Fire sprinkler application and installation guidelines, and overall fire sprinkler system design guidelines, are provided by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 13, (NFPA) 13D, and (NFPA) 13R.

Fire sprinklers can be automatic or open orifice. Automatic fire sprinklers operate at a predetermined temperature, utilizing a fusible element, a portion of which melts, or a frangible glass bulb containing liquid which breaks, allowing the plug in the orifice to be pushed out of the orifice by the water pressure in the fire sprinkler piping, resulting in water flow from the orifice. The water stream impacts a deflector, which produces a specific spray pattern designed in support of the goals of the sprinkler type (i.e., control or suppression). Modern sprinkler heads are designed to direct spray downwards. Spray nozzles are available to provide spray in various directions and patterns. The majority of automatic fire sprinklers operate individually in a fire. Contrary to motion picture representation, the entire sprinkler system does not activate, unless the system is a special deluge type.

Open orifice sprinklers are only used in water spray systems or deluge sprinklers systems. They are identical to the automatic sprinkler on which they are based, with the heat sensitive operating element removed.

Automatic fire sprinklers utilizing frangible bulbs follow a standardized color coding convention indicating their operating temperature. Activation temperatures correspond to the type of hazard against which the sprinkler system protects. Residential occupancies are provided with a special type of fast response sprinkler with the unique goal of life safety.

We deal with sprinkler systems while working with other parts of a building, here is some of relevant words that will help you find us.

We also remove load bering walls, install beans, earthquake safe hardware to attach structure to the ground, and have all safe. Commercials buildings have special requirements that have to be followed when building and construction is going on. We at the Ultimate Handyman follow all the codes and requirements as per governmental agencies that regulate general contractors, construction and building. Fire suppression systems, fire protection items, special commercial plumbing fixtures, tbar and fluorescent light is some of examples of items that need to be considered in commercial and industrial construction. We at the Ultimate Handyman in Los Angeles, have the art of construction refined to a “T”. We have built, remodeled and installed all kinds of commercial systems and Los Angeles and all adjacent cities. Ask to see our documentation of jobs performed and references. We have an extensive library of photos and movies of commercial jobs we performed so you feel comfortable hiring our company based on proven experience and track record.

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

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