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Handyman Repairs | A Check List for Maintenance | Small Repairs Checklist

Free CheckList repairs needed for your house

Just Check the Boxes and Print a List for Your Handyman.

Below you can find a repairs checklist of essential services that almost every household needs on a regular basis.  Simply check the boxes that apply to you, print and give the list to your handyman when he comes in. When in doubt, click on each link.

Repairs Checklist

When a company needs work, repeatedly, we provide bulk hourly contract pricing for management and maintenance companies according to our policies.
For the purpose to expedite work, we can acquire items, transport them from and to the job, for the same hourly rate, plus reimbursements, according to our policies.
Being that every job produces some trash, we can dispose of trash that doesn’t fit in your dumpster by removing from your property, for an extra fee according to our policies.

Because we don’t carry every tool imaginable, we can pick up rental tools, and deliver it back, for the same hourly rate, and under our reimbursement policies.

We also produce videos with explanations related to construction. Check it out by clicking on the link below.



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