The Ultimate Handyman and HEALTH DEPARTMENT inspections

repair all code violations for Health Department Inspections

To start, the Los Angeles County Department Of Public Health’s Environmental Health Division routinely inspects all apartment buildings and condominiums with five or more units to ensure safe, sanitary, and habitable housing. In addition, food-related business receive visits more often. Usually once a year at least.

The fact is, that food-related business are inspected routinely on a rotating schedule, or according to complaints and health events indicators, like hospital visits and food-related illnesses patterns.

What that means is that if your food-related business is getting hit by inspections more-often than normal, most likely someone has been visiting this website here: Complain here Health Department.

ODDS ARE YOU WILL BE INSPECTED AT LEAST ONCE EVERY TWO YEARS. Our point is, get prepared and be proactive. Most likely all the violations that you got were obvious to you, so go ahead and handle them all before they become a problem.

The Health Department is not in it to get you.

Keep in mind, that there are many things that may prompt a health inspection, see our housing Inspections page if you are the owner of a commercial housing building, stay here if you are in the food industry.

In order for us to help you, you should disclose to us the violation notice that you received, and we can take care of all compliance details. 

As a good example of how we can help you, we pull the permits, we perform the improvements, and we meet with the inspectors to clear your name. Easy as pie…environmentally healthy pie.

For more code-compliance pages click here.

List of common violations and a link to fix them:

Start by replacing Broken Tiles. Obviously, the most prominent the broken tile is, the more likely that you will get nailed for it.  Broken and cracked tiles help on the accumulation of dirt, grime and the resulting bacteria.

For the same reason, you should remove Dingy Caulking and Grout.

Restaurants have more challenges when it comes to health department violations:

Your inspector is trained to catch anything that might put the food being handled in that space in risk of contamination, so removing any possible source of contaminants is how they do their job.

For the same reason, you shall Patch Holes on Ceilings and Walls, especially if they can be easily seen! Your customers have good eyes and they will stop coming to your business or ever worse, they will sic the inspectors on you.

when it comes to health department violations - its not that challenging:

Keep in mind that maintaining walls and ceilings clean and looking good is not that difficult – just Paint It periodically.

Its important to point out that you need to use the appropriate materials in kitchen ceilings, floors and walls. In commercial kitchens you cannot slap any kind of paint on flat surfaces and especially ceilings need to be of a kind that does not accumulate dust that may drop on food.

Check that fridge locks and doors are working properly and temperatures are right for the products that you are storin

how obvious does the health department violations need to be:

Make sure that ventilation fans are working properly

Look inside the grease trap and clean periodically.

Most of the items that you may be nailed for are obvious clean up items, so create a methodic cleaning routine for every employee working in the kitchen.


Swap air filters and Grease filters by new ones.

Create a maintenance check list like this one: Checklist

Assign the follow up responsibilities of a checklist to a maintenance Company under a maintenance contract.

Lift all floor mats and power wash food preparation areas 

commercial kitchen health department violations checklist
ADA American with Disabilities Act

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