Housing Violations

Easy fixes for Housing Violations and the right Contractors to Correct these Violations.

Who do you call when you face housing Violations?

First, its fair to say that we can solve all your housing violations, granted that you handle the actual violation notice directly to us, and hire us to do all the work requested on that page.

As a matter of fact, this is a sure method that we will solve them all – no buts about it! 

Although there are some situations in which the cost of making a place habitable can be quite high. 

Especially if you neglected it for too long! In which case, selling that property to an investor may be the best course of action. 

But do not get desperate yet! We have solutions… If you have a problem with how they handle violations, you can try this approach click here … I have seen it work.

Easy Fix for Housing Violations

In all cases, we can assert for sure that most of the housing violations have an easy fix. At least, easy for us.

Give us a call, send us a copy of the actual violation and open your doors to us for a walkthrough inspection and an assessment report. 

Most definitely, we will make an assessment that the inspectors will love!  

But you, may not love it so much…. because these things cost money, and no one likes spending money.  

After all you will find a solution, and this is what you have been looking for. Call us 323-651-0635.

Housing Violations and Code compliance:

Click here for more code compliance page.

Or try to solve this issue yourself by studying the rules and finding how to fix it. Click here

Most common Housing Violations: it happens:

The most common violations have to do with these types of Violation: 

Electrical hazard, Fire Safety, failure in Heating equipment, improper Ventilation, among many other common Maintenance items

Among those items, they expand to failing, leaking or defective Plumbing, improper Sanitation either tenants or your responsibility, Structural Hazards or failing structural members.  

To finalize this list, its important to mention that Zoning violations can also be considered a housing violation, especially if the residence is used in another manner other than that for which the subject property is intended, within the zone that it is in.

Is your home, income property, or commercial establishment in code violation? Are you sure your smoke detectors, safety bars, and signage are properly in place?

Normally, if you are a residential landlord, your number would come up approximately every two years (it’s statistics). But the rule says every four. Read it here.

Unfortunately, lately new construction is slow, which makes this the perfect time for the Los Angeles, West Hollywood, and Beverly Hills Departments Of Building & Safety to catch up on back code violations that may have been sliding under the radar…were they inclined to do so.

The Right company to Fix Housing Violations

Bear in mind, that when it comes to correcting building and safety violations, these cities accept permits from licensed contractors only. 

Not only are we licensed, but we are bonded, insured up to $2M, and capable of correcting any and all violations – from general upkeep and maintenance (flooring, walls, dry rot) to specific issues (ground fault circuit interrupter, aka GFCI) and much more. 

It is important to realize that when you hire us, you get the benefit of hiring multiple trades, without the hassle of hiring multiple contractors.

In fact, it’s always a good idea to keep your property up to code anyway. 

To wrap up, Call us today for a free estimate…before the city calls you.

Building codes and housing violations:

When Building anything, there are rules, regulations, safety and building codes to follow. 

Given these points, each of The Ultimate Handyman‘s professionals know the applicable codes to their own trades and will follow them to the letter. 

In essence, building codes and regulations are there for a reason, to protect people!

Having a good team to deal with Housing Violations

Have you received a letter from the Housing Department? Does it have a government logo on it? Does it say the word  “Violation” anywhere in it?

Under these circumstances, that cannot be good. They are probably telling you that you are not following their rules. 

Generally speaking, The Ultimate Handyman intercedes, makes things right, up-to-code and makes the problem go away. 

All in all, just Call us today or send us a copy of the letter for an over-the-phone estimate.

More common Housing Violations:

To start, the most common violations are cracking paint that needs to be patched and repainted, second is missing or improperly installed smoke detectors, then comes leaky fixtures, damaged or inoperable windows and doors

There may be many more housing violations, but after the most common ones, comes damaged flooring or other broken fixtures, along with anything that can be a hazard to the dwellers.

But the most important thing to know, it that many other items, in fact a whole list, may come to you once the inspector comes to your property due to a tenant complaint. 

When complaints come to play in Housing Violations

As a direct result of a complaint, Inspectors will look for leaning fences, cracked walls, exposed sub-floors, indication of leaks or dry rot, mold, or any item that indicates lack of maintenance.

The worse of it all is that they have a power of discretionary determination, which is simply the power to come up with things they determine important, regardless of the rules on the books. 

This power goes as far as forcing you to re-landscape! (believe us, we have had many cases in west Hollywood of that nature)

For this reason, The Ultimate Handyman can go over all those items pre-emptively and address all the bad stuff before the inspector sets a foot in your property.

Consequently, if he finds anything, most likely it will be just to justify his visit.

Housing violations that trigger Building and Safety:

Building and housing codes are designed for your own safety. 

They are there to protect your health and anyone else using a dwelling or business. But at the same time that housing codes can be simple and intuitive, these same codes sometimes may get nightmarish on interpretations. 

In addition, code compliance can get really confusing, and finding a balance in between interdepartmental acceptance of the same rules can get complicated. 

On the other hand, Building codes are more specific and matter of fact. In this case, a good knowledge in construction is paramount in order to properly comply, or at least to argue each and every case based on the written rules.

Don't let a housing violation turn into a building code violation or health code violation.

Moreover, housing violations can get especially difficult when complying requires the involvement of other government agencies, like the Department of Building and safety or Housing Authority.  

We deal with interdepartmental violation and compliance. Many times one simple violation triggers a series of governmental agencies that can be a nightmare to deal with. 

So read on and pay attention.

building code violations - housing code violations - health code violations

For Los Angeles residents, code compliance doesn’t need to be feared. 

Because The Ultimate Handyman can help you with specific building code violations, housing code violations, health code violations and any other governmental agencies that regulate, building, structures, habitability and safety.

In fact, we have contacts in the most important building departments in Los Angeles to help us and guide us when it comes to code enforcement, code compliance and code violations.

The team includes the government agencies - EVERYONE WINS.

Keep in mind that the Los Angeles Code Enforcement officials are not out to get you. 

Most likely, they are only making sure that everyone complies equally to the rules.  

For your piece of mind, The Ultimate Handyman acts as a bridge to help property owners to find out about code compliance, before code enforcement shows up and hands you a code violation.

From Housing Violations to fully compliant:

All things considered, when preemptively hiring The Ultimate Handyman to help you with code compliance, by the time that Code enforcement officials show up at your door, they will be delighted to find a dwelling or business that is fully compliant to all the required codes, ordinances and rules on the book. 

In addition, during the visit, we bring specific situations to their attention without raising red flags, and we address any possible misconstrued violation without the deadlines and threats associated with code enforcement threats.

Its symbiotic work! That thing that people used to talk about in the 80’s! Jokes aside, we work with code enforcement with your goals in mind.

Think ahead, have a plan and a team to deal with it. It saves you money.

Also, we have to point out, that the Los Angeles Housing Department already has enough work in their hands dealing with thousands of slumlords! 

The fact is that they don’t need to spend more time writing notes of compliances, violation notices or requests to comply. 

Let’s be proactive, find out what you have to do, and ultimately handle all such situations beforehand to save yourself some money, time and aggravation.

Call us now and we will be glad to help.

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

If you either needed information or knowledge, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an expert to discuss your project.

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