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Learn Light fixture installation: The basics

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Notably, one of the easiest, most inexpensive ways to make over a room is to change your lighting, so light fixture installation may be all you need to improve your home.

As a matter of fact, lighting affects people’s moods significantly: It is important to realize, that Just swapping a fixture, adding a lamp or dimmer switch, or even changing the type of bulb can invite feelings of security, comfort, warmth, high energy, low energy, agitation, calm. 

For this reason, keep reading and learn about light fixture installation or who to call in case you need to install a few.

types of lighting - Light Fixture Installation:

Generally speaking, there are three different types of lighting: ambient, accent, and task. 

In essence, designers recommend using all three types of lighting in every room. In fact, some fixtures can serve two purposes. 

Most importantly using the three types of lighting, as well as using different sources – incandescent, halogen, and fluorescent – in a space creates layered lighting, which gives a room interest.

Ambient lighting - Light fixture installation:

Another key point is that ambient lighting is “everywhere” light illuminates the room. 

Currently in the USA, the fixtures most often used for this type of light are table and floor lamps, ceiling fixtures and chandeliers, and recessed lights.  In addition, an most importantly track lights are one of the most used fixtures in the lighting industry, both in residential and commercial situations.

Image Carousel - Light fixture installation:

Accent lighting - Light fixture installation:

Accent lighting is used for decorating and dramatic effects; it sets the stage for the very theater of your life. Accent lighting is best for highlighting a fireplace, work of art, furniture, or architectural detail. The best fixtures for this job are wall sconces, track lights, vanity lights, and pendants.

task lighting - Light fixture installation:

Task lighting is used to brighten a work area in a home office, kitchen, or reading space. These types of fixtures include table and floor lamps, pendants, desk lamps, and under-cabinet lights.

Holiday lighting - Light installation:

For Holiday Light Installation, Click on the Image Below:

We are glad to assist you in any phase of your project, or to refer you to one of the lighting designers with whom we work. Allow us to help you see your home in…wait for it…a whole new light.

How to install a light fixture:

Step One - Get ready - Light fixture installation:

First of all, identify the type of fixture that you have hanging on your celling right now. That is, If you don’t have anything on your ceiling, just skip to “shopping” steps.

But surely, if you are new at this, try to buy one that has the same base connection to the electrical box, so you don’t have to struggle trying to adapt anything.  As an example, we are depicting an illustration of a most common canopy for light fixtures and chandeliers. To make the fixture drop, just remove that screw-on ring. Once the canopy falls, you will see the wires.



This illustration shows the metal bracket that is attached to the electrical box on the ceiling and in turn, receives the hollow screw that holds the chain holder and the fixture.

installation of light fixtures hanging chandelier

Ideally, if you are not a pro, turn the power off, before you disconnect the wires and remove the light fixture that you are planning to replace.

Put wire nuts on the exposed wires coming out of the ceiling or wall.

Turn the power back on, make sure the breakers did not pop and the box is free of sparks or smoke (NO KIDDING ALLOWED HERE).

Take the fixture, or at least the base of it with you, to your local home improvement center to shop for a new fixture.

Make sure you use what you learn about lighting by reading this page and pick a fixture that fits your intensions or needs.


Second Step - Unpack - Light fixture installation:

To be sure that you do not make any mistakes, take all the parts of the new fixture out of the box, 

In this case, considering that you are not a pro, read the instructional manual that comes with it. (IT IS IMPORTANT) Sometimes even the pros need to do it!

Than lay the parts in order of installation, laying on the floor to make it easier for you and to check what else you may need.

third Step - Tools - Light fixture installation:

There are some tool that you need to install any kind of electrical fixture. For this purpose, we will post here and you can watch a video to identify the basics.

But it is important to realize, that having all the parts laying on the floor, will also help you find out what tools you will be using and in which order!

Put them in your tool belt in that reverse order, so it’s easy again to access it.

Then you need to get to it, and light fixtures, unlike your friends, are mostly located in high places.

Use a strong ladder or a sturdy step stool. Refrain from using chairs or stools.



tools for light fixture installation

Basic electrical tools to install a light fixture:

In case you are comfortable about doing this, all that you may need are these few basic tools:

1- A multi-tip, screw driver

2- A linesman plyer

3- A ladder

4- A drill and a Volt meter

Fourth Step - Hook up - Light fixture installation:

Make sure that the power is off, by checking the circuit breaker at the panel and by using your volt-meter at the wires that you disconnected the old fixture.

Connect the  ground (green) wire first. So if there is a short, the power will not go to your body, but will go instead to the ground.

Connect the white wire second, because it is less likely that there will be power in that wire, and if it does, the voltage may not be much.

Lastly, connect the black ( or red) wire, which is the hot wire, that will be feeding power to the fixture.

Use the new screws that came with the new fixture to attach the fixture to the box. and voila! its installed. But you still need one more step. 

Fifth Step - adjust and test- Light fixture installation:

The reason why you are installing this fixture is because you want your place to look better.  So, in this case, make sure you put the right kind of bulb in it. 

When available, move the focus of the light bulb so it shines where you want it. 

Install a dimmer switch to have more control of the light and the mood.


Nowadays, there are even color options! 

Keep an open mind when you go to the home improvement center and try something new, you may like it!

Turn the power back on, test the fixture and be proud of your accomplishments.

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