Linoleum floors

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Installation of Linoleum floors

Linoleum floors are better today than it was generations ago. 

To start, linoleum floors do not have any more asbestos in it. Isn’t it a relief? 

If you have an old linoleum on your floors, you may have to have it abated, instead of just removed. But that is a another story…

Introduced generations ago, linoleum has enjoyed a recently renewed surge in popularity. 

No doubt this is because now many linoleum products are made with recycled and renewable ingredients, including linseed oil extracted from flax plants, cork dust harvested from the dead outer bark of trees, natural jute fiber, and wood powder salvaged from sawdust. 

Linoleum may be the solution that you have been looking for…

Linoleum floors

Linoleum floors can be installed
in any pattern, in any design, and combination of colors.

Certainly, Linoleum gives you the liberty to design an exclusive pattern that will win over even the most devoted of marble lovers.

Unlike hybrid floors and other unmalleable materials, linoleum can be cut in shapes and fabricated in colors that only limited to the color spectrum and the rules of 2D design.

A company name, wave patterns, colorful designs, are some examples of how linoleum can be used and abused to no end. 

Linoleum floors can be easily cleaned and its fabricated in a variety of strengths, from residential, through commercial, all the way to industrial-grade. 

Obviously, you may have noticed that Linoleum may be one of the few materials that can emulate an existing work of art on your floors, using colors and designs that can be taken directly from the canvas hanging in the walls of a museum.

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