Maintenance Contracts

Why maintenance contracts bring piece of mind to a business owner

Advantages of signing Maintenance Contracts

There are companies that need a lot of up-keeping when it comes to maintenance, for those we have Maintenance Contracts.

These contracts can be from 1 year to 3 years! It is like a lease payment, you pay a monthly fee for a guaranteed lower labor price.

Maintenance contracts are also convenient when it comes to booking work and paying invoices. Read the advantages below and visit the page with the volume pricing system, which we have a link available when you click below

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Restaurant and commercial kitchens
Health Department Inspections

There are companies that require regular maintenance so they do not get fined or red flagged by government agencies, that is when our services are so valuable. We create checklists and schedule regular visits to tend to those items and make sure that the next inspection goes without any hicups!

maintenance contracts -health department violations

We are able to service your locations with ease. 

When a tenant wants something done immediately, just refer them to us and we coordinate the services and you will never get an unfair review for maintenance reasons.

We do not perform any work unnecessarily or take action on unsound complaints. Although that creates tension with tenants, we will take the blame if they are not satisfied with budgetary decisions to resolve problems, so you can play in your tenants team, as we play the bad cop for maintenance matters.

Chart of Maintenance Contracts:

Volume Pricing System - example of Pricing

tiered volume charging system

Tiered Volume Pricing system
Maintenance Contracts

First we offer reduced hourly rates on handyman services for one-, two-, and three-year contracts, on multi-unit buildings only.

Second, we schedule all jobs based on the right worker’s availability.

In order to maintain the contract valid, we require prior arrangement for convenient access to each job location.

Although we can include this as a separate clause, emergencies and urgent work are not included in the prices of our maintenance contract.

In addition, we always send the right professionals and take care of all work requests in a timely manner.

Furthermore, we can arrange and schedule work directly with your tenants.

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Planning ahead with maintenance contracts:

Big companies especially benefit from this program: You know rates in advance, and you can see every project completed without the long bidding and authorization process sometimes required to accomplish even the tiniest of projects.

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And then you never have to think about it again!

Why signing a maintenance contract with us

The Ultimate Handyman is a home and business maintenance company, providing maintenance services in Los Angeles since 1996.

First and foremost, our Home Maintenance services include all of the services required to build a new home from scratch; therefore, fixing and repairing buildings is child play for us.  

Moreover, as a reputable contractor, offering reliable professional services, licensed, insured, carrying workers compensation for every employee, we have gained the trust of many bigger construction companies, general contractors, home maintenance companies, and many other competitors that now use our services, on a time-and-materials basis, to supplement their staff, to meet deadlines and to deliver excess workloads!

That, more than anything, shows how fair priced and reliable we are!

Keep in mind that if you ever need any maintenance services, or any building maintenance for that matter, call us and you will be glad you did, even if you cannot commit to a maintenance contract.

Finally, we consider ourselves the best maintenance company in Los Angeles, and the fact  that we are licensed as general contractors makes maintenance services for us, is as easy as pie!

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If you either needed information or knowledge, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an expert to discuss your project.

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