Overtime & Double Time

Rules about Overtime & Double Time for all involved.

Labor laws overtime and double time:

We at The Ultimate Handyman respect all employment and labor laws, especially what pertains to overtime and double time pay to workers.

Furthermore, and most importantly, those obligations have to be respected by our customers too. 

Therefore our clients should expect different rates when those laws have to be applied in every pertinent situation in which these laws have to apply.

Here are the rules about overtime and double time:

Overtime - time-and-a-half

All our workers start working at 8:30am, unless you specifically request that they start earlier. 

If they start work on your property late that day, you need to assume that they have been working on other projects since 8:30am. 

A particular worker will take a 30 minute lunch break, plus 2 other 15-minutes breaks throughout the day and start his overtime rate at 5:30pm. 

Assuming that he agrees to keep working after 5:30pm, time-and-a-half rates will apply after 8 labor hours. 

As you might deduce, time-and-a-half is the regular hourly rate plus half of it again. 

Unless you want to be implicated in breaking the law and held liable for such act, be mindful of this law and the implications associated to hiring any employee on a hourly basis. 

When you ask any of our employees to stay working to finish your project, especially if they advised you that they already completed 8-hours, you are automatically accepting to abide by all employment laws, in this case, overtime laws, which will be billed to you accordingly.

Overtime - double time

Assuming that our worker agrees to keep working after 9.5 hours of their labor, double-time rates will apply. 

Double time is indeed the regular rate doubled. 

Even if he says yes, check if this is possible by calling us

Because this may interfere with future scheduling, the particular employee may not be allowed to continue.

Overtime & Double Time

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

Reaching out to us:

Obviously, if you either needed information or knowledge, 

feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to discuss your project.

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