Pool Decks

There are certain things a Pool Decks should do:

Let's Talk Decks... Pool decks that is!

Is your deck too hot or too slippery? It the neighbors deck bigger than yours? Are you having problems with your drain areas? 

Sorry to get so personal here, but we just have to know.

After all, we can’t help you if we don’t know the problem that you are experiencing.


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Analogy of Pool decks and dog crap:

My psychologist once said that no one can clean excrement if they only smell it, but don’t know where it is… 

But it is usually right below your feet! The worst part is that, until you realize it, you ruined your rugs.

That being said, why are you looking at this page? Missing pool grout? leaky pits, leaks under your deck,… The list goes on, don’t wait until your rugs are ruined, I mean, until the problem ruins your deck!  

So allow me to be looking under your shoes here: Call us with the problem that you are experiencing and we may come up with an answer for you fast! 

Book an assessment and we will troubleshoot and fix your deck in the end!


Pet Projects, Projects for Pets.

Most Common Problems on Pool decks:

Ideally, your pool deck will not only divert spilled water to the right location, but it will also maintain your comfort and safety. 

Some of the most common problems we have dealt with, stem from the selection of improper materials, such as dark stone surfaces, that overheat in sunlight and lose traction when wet. 

The second most common problems on pool decks are cracks or lack of grout that, overtime, undermines the pool deck. 

The whole point of looking into all these possible problems now, and making a proactive plan to prevent continuing damage, is saving thousands of dollars and preventing damages to the pool itself.

Call us and book an assessment, we will find the best approach to get your pool deck back in shape! 

Pool Deck finishing and protection

Inner-works of a Pool decks:

The Ultimate Handyman has built pool decks from scratch and troubleshoot existing pool decks for water leaks, drainage issues, electrical conduits interrupted under the deck, light fixtures embedded on pool decks, among many more, less common problems.

Do you have drainage problems, discoloration, peeling pool gaskets? Or the abovementioned most common heat and grip issues?

Call us. We do not want to see you burn your feet and break your neck.

Pool deck - We use concrete in pool construction as well, this one was built here in Los Angeles

Pool decks:

The Ultimate Handyman is a Construction Company that also provides professionals of every construction trades to perform specialty work. 

We serve Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many other adjacent cities and we do what we know best for an hourly rate.

Pool Deck finishing and protection

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

Reach out to us:

Obviously, if you either needed information or knowledge, 

feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to discuss your project.

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