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So you say the new tenants will be moving in in two days and you need help immediately preparing your Rentals Turnovers? We’re on it. 

We have many years’ experience in fast, quality, on-budget renovations from simple fix-it lists to total remodels.

One month’s rent is a lot of money – and with our help -between your tenancies, you’ll be able to decrease vacancy time and (with a remodel) increase your rental income. 

It’s a winning partnership!

Who takes care of your Rentals Turnovers?

Who are we to do your rentals? 

First, we are a Construction Company that also provides Handyman services in Los Angeles, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many other adjacent cities. 

Moreover, we have professionals of every construction trade to assist you in the completion of any construction, repair, remodel, additions, installations, and maintenance projects.

Most importantly, our craftsmen will perform an amazing job and you will be 100% satisfied with our Rentals Turnovers.

For your information, Management Companies send in their work orders with a P.O. to do construction work on their properties and Rentals Turnovers, we fulfil them and bill them. A perfect partnership.

So that it can be done, they open an account with us, and sign a work agreement. If you don’t have an industry track-record, we may request a retainer of $1,000 to $5,000 depending of the size of your operation. That is until we create some business history for Rentals Turnovers. There are too many crooks out there!

We know the formula for success:

1) Under promising and overdelivering is key.

2) Charge just enough to get by and keep the company afloat. Then give a discount. We don’t do this often, but we know its success for you.

3) We don’t complain when we get nailed by unfair demands outside our contract, we swallow your pride and do it over for free. Wait a sec! I think you are trying to take advantage of us!  We don’t want you as a client!

Just kidding… But you get the jest.


Real formula for your rentals turnover success

So you understand, our company’s  main goal is to provide quality services at unbeatable prices to satisfy our clients. So the formula for success only applies if we like you. Be nice to our workers, office staff and we will apply the formula to you.

We will get better at it daily as we learn your needs and learn to fulfill them as a partners. Treat us as partners and we all will win with our formula for success.

Track-record on Rentals Turnover

Most of all, The Ultimate Handyman in Los Angeles, CA, has provided the very best in high-end construction and Rentals Turnovers to properties since 1996. So take advantage of our valuable expertise and unbeatable prices.

Moreover, when you hire the Ultimate Handyman, you’ll get a team of friendly, helpful construction workers and office personnel who will guide you through your entire project, from the first nail to the last. 

In addition, we are 100% committed to your ultimate satisfaction. 

More importantly, we hire only the finest in professional craftsmen as field employees. 

Altogether, the project managers, owners and key employees, form a team with almost 150 years of collective construction experience, with a deep love for custom projects.

Rentals fine-tunes and Turnover for HOAs

In addition, to incite your next action, which is to call us, we have to mention that various HOA’s (homeowners Associations) have their very specific set of rules and regulations, and The Ultimate Handyman reads all those CC&Rs and Construction regulations to better follow the rules and provide the expected results during remodeling, constructions, Rentals Turnovers or during simple maintenance…

To wrap it up, I have to mention that our passion and dedication show through in our work, whether you need minor plumbing work or want to add a whole new home addition as part of Rentals Turnovers

Whatever the nature of your home or commercial maintenance project, no job is too big or too small for the Ultimate Handyman. 

Understandably, we work hard to cultivate a reputation of integrity, respect and honesty amongst all our clients, and there’s no better reward than repeat business and positive word of mouth.

rentals Preps and turnovers Prices

To Really Wrap Things Up

Finally,  if you’re ready to experience outstanding work from an outstanding contractor for your Rentals Turnovers, call us to schedule maintenance or a free verbal estimate for a whole Rental Turnover remodel

As you know, The Ultimate Handyman is located in Los Angeles, CA. and ready to handle your rentals preps and turnovers.

To put a period in this conversation, we’re standing by with all your construction and maintenance needs, especially rentals turnovers. 

Before I forget, we guarantee quality service, unbeatable prices, and 100% customer satisfaction.  So finally, finally, we’re available anytime for all your maintenance needs, so don’t delay. Call us right now. Did I mention we do Rentals Turnovers…  My mom used to make them and I ate them fresh out of the oven… turnovers are the best!

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

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