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Per labor hour Handyman work

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For Jobs estimated at $3,000 and above

General Labor Rates for Recurring Business:


Retail Stores Minimum Daily Commitment

Contractor Assistance Special Rates

ALL prices listed on our deals DO NOT  include materials.

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Energy Efficiency | Home energy savings by doing small things

Beyond General Labor Rates:

Some extra services and how we charge:

Volume pricing

When a company needs work, repeatedly, we provide bulk hourly contract pricing for management and maintenance companies according to our policies.


For the purpose to expedite work, we can acquire items, transport them from and to the job, for the same hourly rate, plus reimbursements, according to our policies.


Being that every job produces some trash, we can dispose of trash that doesn’t fit in your dumpster by removing from your property, for an extra fee according to our policies.


We can pick up rental tools, and deliver it back, for the same hourly rate, and under our reimbursement policies.

Labor Rates Discounts and coupons:

When price is so important that people do crazy things!

*Due to prior instances of abuse, there are some discounts restrictions and coupon limitations: Any markdowns are to be taken off from regular labor prices. 

Additionally, there is a limit of only once per address, per client, per year. 

Moreover, discounts or coupons are not accepted in combination with any other offers or coupons. 

What must be remembered, is that coupons have to be claimed when booking the work over the phone, and in addition, have to be presented to worker prior to commencing work; therefore, coupons are not valid on prior work, especially on work in progress or  already completed. 

To conclude this section, materials charge and required kits, harnesses, parts, and extensive or qualified-specialty labor is extra according to our policies.

By now you must have figured it out that we got screwed by an attorney, which piled up many coupons, made us pay for her materials, got the job done for free and got way scot-free using the legal system! Now you all have to pay for it by having to read and understand this disclaimer!

Reaching out to us:

Obviously, if you either needed information or knowledge, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an expert to discuss your project.

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