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Red Brick Paving Walkways

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The Ultimate handyman can help you with your red brick projects in several ways. Sometimes all you have is some misaligned and popping bricks due to underground roots pushing it up or you may need an entire walkway build from scratch. The Ultimate Handyman can help you with any masonry or brick laying project. Look at the pictures below and call us if it is what you need.

If you like the way that red bricks look, we can help you choose a pattern and the kind of red brick that works best with your environment. There are many kinds of red bricks, some can look antique or used although they are brand new, and some are made out of concrete but still look like red clay. The red clay brick industry has been producing thousands of styles and shapes besides the standard 8 x 4 x 2.5 inches, because of this immense variety and aging of existing bricks exposed to the weather, it is not always possible to patch an area and make it look identical to the existing, so if patching becomes necessary, we always have creative ways to do it right and still looks good.

One of the problems that do it yourselfers have with masonry or brick laying projects is the immense amount of labor and physical fitness that projects like this require. We have had cases that the homeowners started the project but could never finish. We love when you try it first, then we will not judge, we will buy the appropriate quantity of bricks, load in our truck, unload in you property, carry to the jobsite and install them without breaking a sweat. Our workers do it day-in day-out and do not get tired. We are athletes of masonry, a back breaking profession that can only be respected once you try it for yourself, so… Go ahead and start your project and let’s see how far you go, but keep our phone number handy.

Below you can find some standard brick laying patterns that you can choose from before you call us to do it for you.

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

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