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Your Hometown door repair specialist:

Did you type door repair near me? Or wood door repair Los Angeles?  

So now that you found us, the fact is that The Ultimate Handyman performs door repairs every week!

As an example, we repair jambs that are split in half, doors that were kicked in by the police (or mad boyfriends), doors that have the hardware stripped off by burglars, or even if you were locked in, and in a mad rage you decided to brake out of your own place. 

The good news is, that in many cases, we repair it.

No matter what the excuse is, the damage is always almost the same. Spit jamb, a significant crack around the latch and some damage to the stopper…

Overall, the goal is that we repair it so your security deposit is paid back to you, your girlfriend will come home and not notice, or even better, your mom will never find out when they come back from their trip… 

Now, like most clients expect, the price is not always cheap, but it is worth it. — Keep reading to find out more.

Front Door Of Modern House
Modern white front door with handle

Specialty part reproduction - door repair:

Some doors are so unique, that repairing it will feel like you are paying to repair a time-machine. 

I know this one on the picture looked like a Tardis, but as long as the owners wanted it a custom match, they got it. 

Obviously they paid for all the hours of searching for the right materials and the techniques involved.

When we have to reproduce parts, we may have to take the doors to our shop, or make silicone molds of specific parts, it gets crazy! 

So you get the gist of it… Its expensive.

More expensive than buying a regular door and less expensive than ordering a new one same as your custom.

Lets point out that paying to repair that door may not be as crazy, like the first crazy person who paid to make that expensive door in the first place.

Metal Fabrication

Custom door - door repair or glass door:

Some doors are custom made and custom installed, from these, some are made out of materials that makes repairing it, just impossible! 

Specially glass doors that presented problems closing or opening after an earthquake. 

For example, if its is not a matter of hardware replacement, the solution for many of these cases, is usually buying new doors. 

Doors and Windows | Installation and Repairs - Hanging a door is not as simple when it is a glass door. Call us and we send our best glass door installer.

when you expect Good results for your door repair:

Some doors are so cheap, that its not smart fixing it! But wait!

Many people choose repairing it for the wrestle-free solution. 

That is, as opposed to ordering new doors; which includes, trying to order the same thing, matching sizes, hardware, glass options, waiting for the delivery, having to refinish it to match and, only then, it comes the installation. 

In addition, too many things can go wrong and end up costing the same as repairing it as a custom door.

Which initially the price would have been higher anyway! Go figure! 

This is not an exact science, you must know it, and accept that to solve your doors problem, the price is the determinant of a good job or so, so… you choose the course of action, bite the bullet and expect likewise. 

There is no shortcut to good results. The fact is that we do what you want. So be clear about what you want. Bare minimum or well done. 

Many people just choose to pay for whatever it takes, but aiming to bare minimum, or do it themselves.

As an alternate solution, some people go to Home Depot and hire someone standing at the entrance, or hire the craigslist killer himself to do this work… Its your call. We are not judging you, those people need to feed their families too.

Old wooden front door
Red brick front door

All comes down to this:

The Ultimate Handyman is a company that has experienced doors repairers in Los Angeles. 

In fact, as further example, we have repaired  interior doors that jammed and were forcibly opened by tenants. 

Most notably, we have had to repair doors that were in a way, that looked like a swat team had forcibly made their way into those rooms.

At that time, the resident explained that those doors were lightly pushed and gave in easily, but at that point who cares? 

We repaired it, replaced some jambs and painted the doors and the door jambs. 

Ultimately the only pain left was the bill. 

Yes, these things are not cheap! 

Sometimes it is cheaper to replace them by new ones! So keep that in mind and re-read everything we said up to here.

The weather causes damages to doors too:

Some doors can be repaired from the damage that is done by the sun, we repair it by sanding it smooth and applying coats of varnish. 

We sand it so it doesn’t get stuck with multiple layers of varnish close to the sliding parts, which is a common problem of people who try to take care of these things themselves or hiring any guy from in front of Home Depot to do it.

Each Door repair job is different:

Some doors are easy to repair or replace for the Grace of God. 

We can’t explain it, but some jobs go super smooth, and the angels watch over us. 

This one perhaps because we were working in a church, it didn’t give us any headaches, although they had huge doors.

church doors -Commercial Construction and Remodels - Church

Pocket door repair - hardware matters:

Once in a blue moon, a pocket door repair is easy! 

Generally its always a pain in the butt! But we repair these doors nonetheless. 

In case that its not locking, it may be as simple as opening or adjusting the latching plate. 

Another common example is when its not sliding, if I am lucky enough and you have Haffelle hardware, the replacement is easy but the parts are expensive. Some Hafelle hardware goes upwards to $1,000! But they work well for years!

If you are lucky to have a cheapo hardware, I may make it work temporarily, not give you any warranty and I will recommend Hafelle as a replacement, because they last forever and it is easier to work with next time… Germans are good at hardware design.

Door repairs

Pests that are pets - door repair:

In one instance, we also repaired a French door that was attacked by the lovely dog named Boomer, our task was not only repair the damage to the trims and jamb, but also make it unappetizing for the 4-legged friend. 

After our door repairing mission was accomplished, the dog never tried to gnaw on it anymore, perhaps the smell of the resin we use is picked up by their sensitive noses as inedible…

There are some doors that repairing is really easy and takes less than a few minutes, exterior doors that are catching are usually fixed with the tightening of a few screws at the hinges or a simple shaving. 

Some screen doors only need an adjustment and it will open and close like new, but doors eaten by pets are usually a work of art to reproduce beveled details destroyed by your lovely pet.

Branch gnawed from beaver with chips on the ground in wetland
Dom you have a pet otter? If you do, you have wood damage on your doors. Is you dog an ottherdoodle? He may very well be. Do a DNA test.
french bulldog, wood, chew
If your dog eats all your doors and damages wood trims, click on this picture.

Replacement of doors instead of a repair:

But sometimes door repair can also be tricky. 

So tricky in fact, that replacement is the most reasonable solution. 

In this case, our technician will be able to tell you in a few minutes after inspecting it. 

But the good news is that now you can get a better door!

Police keeps generating business for us:

On the top of doing residential door repairs, we also do commercial door repairs all over Los Angeles. 

Los Angeles is a megalopolis and being such a big city, the police and burglars generate enough business for us to keep a full-time employee working only to take care of windows and doors for business damaged by burglars. 

But surprisingly residential door damage is more likely to happen by forced police entry or mad boyfriends… Factoid of the trade!

Our workers are scheduled to do repairs on forced entry wooden doors, wooden windows and wood element of a door and their conversations with clients and residents gives us these stats. 

Cops are very destructive! They come in with a no-knock search warrant and go to town on any door! 

Sometimes its unlocked and they still kick it in! We love the destructiveness of cops when it comes to doors! Sorry you hate them because they broke your door and arrested your boyfriend! We get it. It sucks.

I prefer to repair damage caused by burglars, because they do less damage, but the police, practically destroy the front door! It’s hard to fix the damage that they do.

Also this particular kind of forced entrance, done by cops, causes damage to Trims, jambs, sills, stoppers, headers, panels, bores, hinges…  sometimes even headers and king studs have to be replaced!

But no matter how the wood door is damaged, we know how to repair it. 

Give us a call and your door problems will go away.

Who does more damage to doors? Cops or the Police?

Sorry we give you both right answers.

Robber in black balaclava cracking door with crowbar
Police special operations forces fighters on raid

Multiple doors or multiple stitches:

If you do more than one door, you can also get a deal on the top of the good work that you get when hiring us.

A door can be damaged in many different ways, for instance take the case of this patio door repair that we performed in West Hollywood. 

See images on the picture carrousel above. This client called saying that his kid was playing with his friends and ran right through a screen and the glass door!

The door repair was easy, the difficult was looking at the 120 stitches that the teenager had in his right tight and 20 stitches in his right hand. It was wild! 

Unfortunately, the kid never saw the double sliding door closed and run right into it! 

We repaired the screen door by fixing the frame and replacing the screen. 

In addition, we repaired the sliding glass door by replacing the double pan glass panels by tempered glass. 

Those break into million little pieces instead of knife-sized pieces. 

But later the homeowner called and requested to replace all glass panels doors by French style. 

He cares for his kids, and did it so his kids would never had to endure such cuts again. All in all, smaller glass panels also mean smaller pieces to be replaced.

Now you know that exterior door repair, wood door repairs, and sliding patio doors are easy for us. 

Just give us a call and lets discuss your specific case.

Damaged doors and surroundings:

Door casings are just as important as the doors themselves. 

Neglecting to choose and install the correct door casing may result in a cheap-looking door. 

When doors are damaged, with it there are many other surrounding parts that get damaged too. 

Some examples are trims, casements, stoppers and locks. 

The fact is, that when we go to repair a door, we can also repair the collateral damage that comes with it. 

Attractive young builder is installing lock in door

Sliding in stead of swinging doors:

We can also install doors where regular swinging doors would not be possible, or would be too obtrusive.

Instead, we build sliding doors that open and close as intended, keeping the room private, sparing space and easily repairable if damaged in any way. 

Call us and we will answer all of you questions or book an assessment and we will go see the door, or the lack thereof in person.

sliding Doors and Windows | Installation and Repairs - sliding but not pocket

Materials and techniques matter for doors repair:

When it comes to entry door repairs, we know the secret to re-establishing the rigidity necessary to make a damaged door solid again.  

The experience necessary to perform door repair services only comes with dealing with many different situations and years of trying different products and testing the results. 

Since 1996 we have been called by many customers to perform front door repairs, pocket door repairs, door frame repairs and many others, therefore, we have it down to a science.

Is notable mentioning, that we use fiberglass reinforced resins and epoxies that bond with the wood, metal, or fiberglass better than the original materials. 

On another composite material technique, we insert metal pins in weak points to make the door solid again, fixing the problem and saving you a bundle.

doors repair all over Los Angeles and surroundings:

I have to mention , that we use the same techniques for interior door repairs, so you can rest assured that a door repair is just as good as installing a new door, but most likely for less money.

Give us a call today and give some of the details of you door repair needs and we should be able to price it right over the phone.

Here with us, there is no wrestles, no pushy sales man, just a handyperson (to be politically correct because I am a man) ready to help! 

This is if your home is in Los Angeles and adjacent cities only!  Call now!!

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

Obviously, but it is important mentioning, that if you either needed information or knowledge how to handle your particular situation, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an expert to discuss your project.

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