Retail Store Remodeling

How we can help with Retail Store Remodeling in Los Angeles

Retail Store remodel!

That is what we do! But for more options on Retail Store Remodels, click on Commercial Work.

First, we are located smack dab in the middle of a row of design stores that need retail store remodels, many of which started using our services for small repairs – since we are convenient to them and extremely responsive. 

In turn, architectural firms took notice and started calling on us to help their big retail clients. With everything from those small repairs to extensive remodels, The Ultimate Pro is the go to. 

Obviously, we may have entered the food chain low, but we know how to satisfy big and small fish alike. 

As an example, when you walk along Melrose Avenue and Melrose Place, know that our hands have touched most of the storefronts along the way…and left them for the better. All the way to inside, and on top, of the Pacific Design Center we have good clients, like Kneedler-Fauchere.

                      Who We Are

Most Importantly, when you hire The Ultimate Handyman, you’ll get a team of friendly, helpful construction workers and office personnel who will guide you through your entire project, from the first nail to the last. 

Additionally, we are 100% committed to your ultimate satisfaction. We hire only the finest in professional craftsmen fully licensed as field employees. 

To conclude, our project managers together form a team with almost 150 years of collective construction experience, with a deep love for custom projects.

Keep in mind that we work with the best Designers and Architects in Los Angeles. They trust us and we trust them. Whomever you choose from our preferred list of designers and Architects, it is guaranteed that whatever you two come up with, will be built exactly as it was planned. But ultimately, we can even work with your own set of plans, no ties required.

Your Retail Store Remodel Go-To

Whether you need minor one-room-remodel or want to add a whole new wing as a home addition – our passion will show through. Whatever the nature of your home or commercial remodeling project, no job is too big or too small for the Ultimate Handyman. We work hard to cultivate a reputation of integrity, respect and honesty amongst all our clients, and there’s no better reward than repeat business and positive word of mouth.

Each Designer or Architect has their own style and we have a team of preferred options ready for you. So, you will know when making a choice that you truly picked your favorite option. Keep this in mind when shopping around as, many other will direct you towards the options that make THEM the most money!

We are your best contractor, call us today if you would like to have anything in your property remodeled.

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