Because there is so much that we do as a group, making one page that includes every single service appeared to be a Herculean task! So here is our ill attempt to show all that we can do in a mere few words.

Our Services are all construction-related

Although Handyman services sometimes include some odd tasks, we shy away from appliance repairs, all other trades and specialties are a fair game and we have professionals that can handle them.

In addition, we prepared this handyman activity list as a checklist for you. Click here Print it out, inspect and do whatever you can before you call us. 

See below the list that you were looking for for all other services, or visit this page for more specific services:

All our specialists are able to conclude every project (Small or Big). Pick the job that you need done and learn more about it. After making your decision, give us a call or request a call back and one of our specialists will call you beck.




Any and all electrical work. After all, we have senior electricians on our staff.



Plumbing work is easy as cake. Any and all plumbing work.



From rough carpentry to finishing carpentry, we have the right guy for the job.



Replacing flooring no matter what kind, tile, wood, vinyl, engineered... we do them.


Drywall & Plaster

From holes on the wall all the way to boarding, tapping and finishing entire homes.


Hardware Install

Every house needs a hardware refresh every now and then. Everything metal or not, that attaches to anything, we install.



Nowadays people buy things and they come disassembled, no worries, we are here to help.

“We love commercial work”

First thing to remember when it comes to commercial work is that we are providing a service that none of your staff could, but even if they could, they won’t or your insurance would not cover them if something were to happen. 

 A point often overlooked in commercial work, is that not always you need a general contractor in a business setting to hang pictures, install locks, fix cabinet doors, install computer trays and assemble some new chairs. 

With that in mind, having a company to call upon, that provides all insurances, issues invoices and handle this extra work, frees up your employees to focus on what they do best. 

Finally, the best part are the prices: Tiered Volume pricing system


Residential Services

“Yes, we also love residential work, but for different reasons:”

Its simple to see why we love residential work, it is because we know it so well!  Most of the residential work are easy for us. Click here and explore the possibilities.

Our Working Process


Starting over the phone, we will inquire about details of your upcoming project to determine viability and price.

Additionally, we will ask for pictures, dimensions and other pertinent information to price it.

Certainly, many people do not understand the concept of small jobs, so we do not expect that from you.

As a matter of fact, we ask the right questions and if you give the real answers, we give you a good idea of how we can handle it and how much it may cost. 


At this point, if you like what we have to offer, we can either book the work on a T&M basis or schedule an in-person consultation to create a work agreement according to these rules: Estimates Vs. T&M

Here’s What Our Clients Say About Us

We had a number of small repairs, including some exterior painting on the house, and repair of the garage wall which I drove the car into. Gary and his team were fabulous! Nice, courteous, called us to tell us if the time they could be here changed, and were fast, efficient, and reasonably priced. Thanks so much! We are extremely pleased and highly recommend them to everyone.

Chellie C.


Services of Solving Problems

I had two contractors come and look at a concrete porch above a garage that was leaking when it rained. The first contractor wanted to tear everything out, replacing all of the support beams, putting down new concrete, and probably railing. Roney came out and gave me a similar estimate, but he also gave me an alternative proposal which was an epoxy that we would put in the cracks along with a sealant and paint. That did the trick! Fast forward two years later (and no further water leaking) and I am looking to get some more work done
Rob P.
CEO of Avatar Computers

Services Taking Care of things

I hired them to punch through one of the walls at my office to open access to our storage unit. I was very nervous because we were working while they did this job and since we're a 3D animation company there are a lot of computers around along with our new server. They took many precautions and exceeded my expectations. I was impressed with their professionalism and will recommend their work to my friends.
Ian N.
CEO of Animation Company

Services of Serving the client well

I just moved into a new home and received a mailer from this company and figured I would give them a try to handle some small tasks that needed to be accomplished. I needed an electrician to replace my front porch light and I had about 6 large pieces of art that needed to securely be hung on the walls. They sent Byron, the electrician, and his helper. I must say I was totally impressed with their professionalism, their tidiness and skill set. They finished the required tasks in a most timely manner. Awesome job and I will use them again and again if the service remains as good as it was today.
Paul M.

Services of teaming up to accomplish clients goals

Roney and his teams in both his office and the field did a complex apartment remodel for me. The many aspects concluded excellently. Floor leveling, hardwood floor installation, kitchen remodel including some trouble shooting with unlevel ceiling and installation issues. Also, bathroom romodel with creative problem solving with plumbing, floor and fixture installation. The outcome of the work was always satisfactory, which was clearly Roney's primary objective. The best aspect of working with him was the always pleasant and professional communication, at which I would rank him A+! Finally, I would like to add that I always felt he was respectful and kept my interests foremost in his thinking, which gave me a certain comfort and confidence in dealing with him on the first contract with his company. He is a pro and a gentleman. I can recommend him to anyone without any reservation whatsoever.
Walter O.
RE Investor
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