Every house can benefit from PHOTOVOLTAIC panels installation

Do you already have photovoltaic panels installed?

If you do, just send us your manuals and replacement parts. We maintain it to you.

But not only that, we troubleshoot, clean the panels for top efficiency and check all connections and weak links. 

Your system will work like a well oiled machine and all you have to do is to open a retainer account with us. 

Deposit for retainer accounts are of levels starting at $150 and are available for you to use for up to 2 years! Check out our rates and corporate accounts guidelines.

when you need photovoltaic panels installed:

In this case, we provide professional installation and Maintenance for any style and models. 

Some companies concentrate in selling photovoltaic panels and call us to install them.  So if you just buy your own system, we install it for you!

Also, if you are a reseller of photovoltaic systems to residents in the Greater Los Angeles or anywhere in Southern California, USA. You ship it to the customer, we install and keep track of an annual schedule to maintain them.

In addition, we install the system to your customers locally, they contact you for service and regular maintenance and we keep your product working properly and your customers happy.

Photovoltaic diagram

What is a photovoltaic panel:

Photovoltaic (PV) systems use solar electric panels to directly convert the sun’s energy into electricity. 

This conversion of sunlight to electricity occurs without moving parts, and is silent and pollution free in its operation. 

The solar electricity fed through electronic equipment is converted to utility grade electricity for use directly in the home. 

The solar electricity can be used to offset the need for purchased utility electricity or, if the PV electricity exceeds the home’s requirements, the excess electricity can be sent back to the utility, typically for credit.

For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

We truly hope we have helped you today, either with needed information or knowledge, but if you still have the problem and want it resolved, feel free to call us at 323-651-0635 and we will be glad to send you an technician to solve your particular problem.

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