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Are you Looking Into Stamped and Decorative Driveways?

Stamped and Decorative Driveways. So its stablished,  you are interested.

Back in the good old days, deciding on a driveway material was easy: asphalt or concrete. There weren’t many options for the regular joes of residential houses.

As the years went by, these decorated driveways started to be more common in neighborhood homes.

Now there are a myriad of decorative concrete options, sometimes referred to as colored cement or painted concrete. 

And the effects that can be achieved with such techniques are truly astounding. 

While plain gray concrete is still the most popular choice, you may want to consider one of the following alternatives for your new driveway:

Stamped & Decorative Driveways


Stamped concrete (patterns pressed into concrete)
Colored concrete
Stained concrete
Exposed aggregate finishes
Rock salt finish
Sawed or grooved patterns

Other Techniques:

Don’t feel left out if you already have a driveway – we can easily refinish it with the following techniques:


Random pattern cutting

Concrete polymer overlays (1/8″ to 1″)

Sawcut patterns

Much more than stamped and decorative driveways

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