Making a space a tenants dream

The needs of a tenant can practically be limitless, as sometimes the task at hand can seem overwhelming. Whether your needs are large or small, The Ultimate Handyman is your number one choice in construction company. We do not try to make you pick the most expensive options or do things that are in our best interest. Rather, we want to help you make the RIGHT choices so that you are as happy as possible. We believe that this mentality brings people back and that is what we love.

Tenant Improvements include installation or relocation of interior walls or partitions, carpeting or other floor covering, shelves, windows, toilets, etc. So, if you say the new tenants will be moving in in two days and you need help immediately? We’re on it. We have many years’ experience in fast, quality, on-budget renovations from simple fix-it lists to total remodels. It is simple, you need help? Call us. 

One month’s rent is a lot of money – and with our help between your tenancies, you’ll be able to decrease vacancy time by promising your future tenants one month’s rent towards Tenant Improvement – We can do a whole lot with that money, your future tenant knows it, and you guarantee another few years lease. It’s a winning partnership to everyone involved! 

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For all areas and zip codes where we provide constructions services, additions and remodels.  

For all of your tenant improvement need, The Ultimate Pro has your back! There is literally not a better choice out there and if you do not believe us, find out for yourself!

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