Alarms, Timers & Motion Detection


There was a day when a moat and a drawbridge were all you needed for securing your property. One would expect that pillaging time is over, but anyone living in a big city like Los Angeles knows this is not truth. Do you need alarms, timers and motion detection systems?

We have very effective high-tech systems to protect your properties and your people from burglary and/or theft. We can even develop a custom configuration to be your electronic dragon.

Do you want your home lights to turn on and off automatically?

Do you want a conventional hard-wired system with magnetic sensors? Or perhaps a state-of-the-art integrated wireless system with perimeter sensors, motion detectors, laser beams, heat sensors, biometric recognition systems, authorized personnel recognition features, proximity readers, and instant recordings review of the events that set off the alarm sent to you via email or to your portable phone? Yes?

Call us and we can make it happen.

Burglar Alarms - Moat

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